meet nicole


Created Lovely began in 2010 but it really feels like it started long before that. It’s been a long awaited extension of my heart to own a company that allows me to express my love for timeless romance and beautiful spaces. I’m a minimalist by nature… unless we’re talking about flowers or coffee mugs! I love the ocean, perhaps because I grew up in Saskatchewan without one, or maybe it’s those beautiful pastel sunsets over the water. I love coffee, not because of how it tastes but because of the places and people I get to enjoy it with. I love character homes and shops that find that balance of modern and classically beautiful. And I believe there’s no greater gift you can give people than your time- a balance I strive to create with my business and personal life. And when I’m not working (well… even when I am) you can find me with my husband, Royce Sihlis, who just happens to be one talented wedding & outdoor lifestyle photographer. We didn’t meet in the industry, though fate would have it that an aspiring wedding planner and photographer would meet at a university coffee house night and go on to push each other to pursue their wildest dreams. Together, we’re creating a lovely life that our son and daughter can look up to.


wedding day

The moment the bride and groom see their reception for the first time.  The magic of that moment is so special.  I think we spend so much time imagining what our wedding day will look and feel like, and that’s the moment where it sinks in that this day is truly theirs to enjoy.


lovely life


Morning coffee with my husband while our baby plays, Thursday date days, road trips to the ocean, and creating moments that look as good as they feel every day.

meet linnaea


I’m Linnaea— Nikki’s right hand woman and the Associate Planner with Created Lovely. I’m a wife, mother of 4, and master list maker. Crossing items off my to-do list makes my heart sing and naturally wedding planning became a dream career. When I’m not working, you can find me training for triathlons, paddle boarding and hiking with my family.


wedding day

When the Bride & Groom’s eyes meet for the first time and the love is palpable to everyone around. (I also love filling the day with as many unique sentiments as possible!)


Each summer Created Lovely Events hires creative, detail-oriented, and hardworking staff to assist on wedding day décor set-up and teardown. With their help, every beautiful design comes to life.

To apply for a set-up & teardown assistant position please contact

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