10 things my clients teach me

I learn a lot from my clients. I learn a lot about myself; how I want to treat people, how I want to be treated, how I want my career to look like, and mostly how I want to live my life. And I really have my clients to thank for those constant reminders of what a loving marriage looks like.  Here’s my little list of client gratitude.

10 Things my clients teach me:

1. Plan Together

I love the way my clients ask each other what they want for their wedding day. It’s not just about what the bride wants. As I go through life I want to be constantly asking not just what I want, but what Royce wants too.

2. Talk about money

A wedding shouldn’t be the only thing you budget for in your life. Budgets are constant in our household and alleviates a lot of reasons to fight.

3. Finish each other’s sentences

I love when my clients know their future spouse so well that they’re budding in to help finish each other’s sentences. *note* this is most frequent with the proposal story but I love it!

4. Hold Hands

My clients are always holding hands. It’s rare where I don’t see them walk in, walk out, or sit down in a consult holding hands.

5. Work Together

My clients are first hand examples that grooms do not get an “out” with wedding plans. Most of them are very involved in at least one or more aspects of the wedding plans.

6. Date

I learn a lot about what my clients like to do together and how they celebrate. I love the constant reminder to keep dating. Thursday Date Nights are a huge part of the routine in our home.

7. Handle Stress Together

Weddings create a lot of stress. And that stress comes in all forms from family issues, bridal party issues, financial stress (I don’t care how rich you are, weddings cost money you’re not normally spending), and so on. I love listening to how my clients are handling that and often how they’re telling me the stories together.

8. Family Matters

I can’t tell you how many times I hear bride and groom thank-you speeches that say, “we’ve never felt more loved in our lives than we do today”.  And it’s true.  Weddings really remind you just how many people love you and how many of those people in that room value you being in their lives.  It serves as a reminder to me to let others know how much I value them too.

9. Celebrate the Little Things

While planning a wedding there’s so many little celebrations.  Toasting the night you get engaged, going out for lunch the day you find your wedding dress, wine while finishing the last invitations, and so many more.  Don’t stop celebrating the little things after marriage. Everything can be “cheers!” to. (Or maybe I’m the only one that thinks every little thing needs a celebratory drink but I’ll keep this one as a client lesson that can stay.)

10. Don’t forget the feeling

Last but not least, being around engagements and weddings all the time helps me relive the feeling of our wedding day all over again.  I think it’s great to be reminded how much you loved your spouse on your wedding day, and it’s even better when you realize how much that love has grown ever since.










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