Baby Update

I’m not going to blog about baby stuff often but today marks the first day of my second trimester and I’m feeling pretty excited about it so I thought I’d give a little update!

Due Date: November 28th

Weeks Along: 14!

Weight Gained: 1lb (though I feel like my entire body looks different)

How I’m feeling: Really good.  I’m super tired every Thursday-Friday without fail.  I’m quite certain that baby has decided those are the days it wants to growth spurt.. just in time for wedding weekends…

How the first trimester went: Well… I’m glad it’s over. It was smooth sailing until I hit 6 weeks while in Hawaii and now even the thought of fish and coconut makes my stomach curl.  I had about a million and one food aversions for a solid 5 weeks.  The only thing I could stomach was processed cheese anything… cheese bagels, Kraft dinner, Ritz cheese crackers, you name it.  If it was processed I could stomach it.  Sadly coffee was out for a good 11 weeks, even the smell made me nauseous but that’s over! Hallelujah.

Current cravings: I can’t say I’ve had any.  I was turned off of so many foods for so long that I don’t really want anything in particular. Though sour or zippy foods taste extra good right now.  Cheesy Dill Kernels popcorn and sour keys have been my cheat foods.

Best moment so far: Probably finding out we were pregnant.  We had been trying but given the fact that we both work in the wedding industry, we had a short time frame in mind if it were going to happen this year. If not, we were totally okay with waiting until next Winter/Spring again.  So one morning my impatience for waiting to check took over and Royce said, “just go take it. Then we know.” To which I responded, “It won’t be positive anyhow so I’m just going to get this over with.”  And sure enough, it was a clear “PREGNANT 1-2 WEEKS” that popped up. My hands were literally shaking as I looked at the test, both out of excitement and complete disbelief. I feel like I’d pictured that moment in my head my whole life, not knowing how, or when, or even if, that moment would ever happen since pregnancy is so much more fragile than I ever thought it was.  After about a minute of shock I came out of the bathroom and Royce was grabbing something from the fridge. “Royce…” he didn’t turned around. “Royce…””Yea?” “We’re pregnant.” And then I just started bawling/excited giggling. To which he ran to me hugging me so tightly and practically yelling in my ear, “WHAT?!! No way!! WHAT?!!!!” He must’ve checked the test 5 or 6 times repeating those words over and over.  We’ve had a lot of great moments in the pregnancy since but I don’t think anything could top that day.

What we call the baby: Royce and I have been calling it Baby Bear because we absolutely love bears. And I secretly want a mountain themed nursery that has some sort of “You are our greatest adventure” script on the wall with white tree wall decals and forest themed stuffed animals.  The rest of my family calls the baby, Lentil.  My family was all in Hawaii together when we told them and my phone app told me that our baby was the size of a lentil that week so it’s been Lentil ever since.  Lentil is the size of a peach today.  I think he/she might be a record breaking sized lentil.

Are we going to find out the sex:  No– but I cannot believe how popular this question is! I knew that the first question people ask after you get engaged is, “When’s the date?”  But I didn’t realize the question following a pregnancy announcement is, “Are you going to find out?”  Guys… I feel so new to all of this.  So long story short, no, we’re excited for the surprise.  Royce and I both think it’s a girl but who knows!! 50/50 chance, right?

Stressors/Fears: Before getting pregnant my biggest fear was labour.  Since getting pregnant my biggest stressors and fears have been about keeping the baby alive and healthy.  The list of what you can/can’t eat, how much to eat, how much to gain, how to exercise/how not to exercise, and on and on and on. I never felt so clueless about anything in my life until I got pregnant. I’m sure that clueless feeling continues once the baby comes too… I’m going to live in denial in the meantime.

Praise: I’ve got to praise Royce a little here because he’s been So good. Like amazing.  He must’ve researched for weeks picking out his favourite stroller (he’s super gadgetty so this was actually really fun for him).  I won’t say what we settled on because to be brutally honest I don’t want an opinion on it since we’ve already made up our mind, but we’re excited to order it in fall to say the least! He also made every meal for me for almost 5 weeks when I couldn’t go near the kitchen without dry-heaving.  He packs trail mix in my purse and a water bottle every time I leave the house. He’s taken me maternity clothes shopping three times already and actually helps pick things out.  And he pushed me from my desk most afternoons in my first trimester to force me to nap knowing how exhausted I was.  I married up.

Alright, that’s enough about Lentil for the day.

Below: 1) Day we found out we were pregnant, 2) 7 weeks pregnant in Hawaii, 3) Off to our first ultrasound! 4) Our pregnancy announcement 5) 13 weeks pregnant!
IMG_1553 20150414_Ultrasound Photo-9923


I can’t do it all

I learned a very valuable lesson yesterday that I’m sure I’ll forget sometime in the near future and suffer through again in a matter of weeks.  Somewhere between what felt like a thousand emails and a million open computer tabs I learned I can’t do it all.  By the time 6pm came I was having a full out mental breakdown about having to get groceries… groceries guys.  I literally cried about not wanting to have to make one more decision that day.  Tell me I’m not alone with this feeling??

Some days all rational thought goes out the window and I pile my to-do lists so unrealistically high that of course I’m going to feel defeated.  Instead of having three major goals for the day I put 100 and then instead of being happy about the 12/100 that are done I’m mad because of the missing 88.  I’m sure I would’ve been a lot more pumped with myself if I only had three and then saw how much was accomplished.  I need to play better mind games…

So yesterday, I forgot to account for every email that goes out, about 3 come in.  So yesterday I was pumping out emails like a boss until I heard “ding”….”ding”….”ding.” And I was like “okay… that’s not ideal but I’ll get through those new ones too.” And then I heard “ding”….”ding”…”ding.” Followed by, “ding”…”ding”…”ding.” Man alive!! (If any of you work on a mac I assume you know that evil email ding I’m talking about.) And as my stress level rose throughout the day, my sanity went out the window.  Instead of rationalizing that every email doesn’t need an immediate response and that it was just a freakishly email filled day,  I felt like a complete failure.  What should’ve ended with me getting up and going to the gym to clear my head for a bit, ended with that grocery fiasco and a couple bottles of wine with friends.

I don’t think my issue was really the emails, it was the pressure of hiring the new Created Lovely team (something that feels so new to me), studying business books on how to be a boss and strong leader, updating my branding, planning a major styled shoot, and finding a balance in my personal and social life– it all hit me like a ton of bricks.  And then I do this awful thing inside my head where I tell myself, if I can’t handle this then I’ll never be able to handle ________. (Insert anything from having kids or managing a team or something self destructive).  If you’re like this, please don’t do it.  It doesn’t feel so good. So after I had a good cry I realized I was being crazy and that one rough day does not constitute as failure.  Some days you just need to tell yourself, you just can’t do it all.  And you don’t have to.  People don’t expect you to be perfect, they just want to feel like you’re trying and that you care.

So today is a new day.  I started it off not freaking out about my to-do list.  I drank my morning coffee without sending an email first and I’m headed to the gym before I power through today.  Feeling better already!

Oh and if you’re wondering how grocery shopping went… I caved, bought a $5 pizza, stuck er in the oven and called it a night.


We’re Hiring!

We are looking for two décor stylists to join the Created Lovely Events team!

We believe in creating weddings that are as beautiful to the heart and mind as they are to the eye. Décor stylists are an amazing asset to our team, ensuring every beautiful detail from set-up to teardown has been thoughtfully placed to create the most memorable experience for our clients.

A typical wedding day shift is from 9am-1pm and 11:00pm-1:00am. You are expected to attend every wedding set-up and teardown and will work closely with the rest of the Created Lovely team.  There will be a total of 15 weddings you will be required to work that include some week day weddings. While the day will be filled with excitement and a whole lot of pretty, don’t underestimate the work that goes in to creating beautiful spaces. Décor set-up and teardown requires extended periods of time on your feet (often outdoors in summer heat), working under pressure, and exceptional attention to detail.

Just as every couple is unique, so is every wedding. We strongly believe in treating each wedding with the care and attention our clients to deserve—a day that’s truly created lovely.

Duties and Responsibilities: 

Each wedding week you will be attending a one hour Created Lovely Events team overview meeting to review the wedding day schedule and all décor details

Décor set-up & styling from approximately 9am-1pm. Set-up may include:

  • Hanging lighting (excluding tent chandeliers)
  • Moving and unloading décor, signage, and chairs
  • Setting and styling tables in their entirety as per the design
  • Assisting floral designer with unloading and styling floral arrangements
  • Finalizing every last décor detail to perfection

Décor teardown from approximately 11:00pm-1:00am. Teardown may include:

  • Packaging all décor items including lights, stationary, candles, flowers, and any remaining styled items
  • Bagging and stacking all rented chairs
  • Bagging linens
  • Organizing décor items for rental and client pick-up
    Note: estimated décor teardown time is subjective to work ethic and wedding size


  • You are organized, structured, and goal oriented
  • You work well under pressure
  • You enjoy going above and beyond for clients
  • You are very personable and enjoy working with a team
  • You are a quick learner and enjoy problem solving
  • Previous experience in the weddings or event industry is an asset
  • A certificate, diploma, or degree in the Events & Conventions or Tourism Management field is an asset


  • Must be interested in aesthetics
  • Must be available to work weekends and some week day weddings
  • Must have access to a computer, email, and cellular phone
  • Must be familiar with DropBox
  • Must have reliable transportation ranging from Penticton to Vernon


Set daily rate of $112-$126/day ($16-$18/hr) based on experience

To apply please e-mail all of the following to Nicole at

  • Resume
  • 3-5 minute video submitted with DropBox link on what creating a lovely life means to you (iPhone video is totally fine!)
  • Two to three references
  • Weekend Availability (May-October)

Closing Date: Tuesday, March 31, 2015


We thank all candidates for their interest but only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews. No telephone calls please. We look forward to hearing from you!


An Email Says it All

“Hello, My name is _____. I’m the owner of ________. Insert 3 sentences about business. Attach website and price guide. *Mention nothing about the business you want to refer you.* Followed by, I would love if you referred me. Looking forward to hearing from you. Signed, another business wanting a referral.”

Enticed? Me either.


“Hello! I hope your day is off to a great start. I came across your website a few months back and have been following your work ever since. I love your style because of __________ and feel that we would be a really great fit for our clientele. Let me introduce myself, I am ________ and I own ________. At ________ (list business) we believe in _______ (list values) and work hard to provide _______ (list key services & passions). I would love to take you for tea or coffee and get to know you and see if we would be a good fit for future weddings together. Signed, hopeful referral.”

I want you to sit and think about the tone of each of those emails. How do you feel they differ? Who would you choose to go for coffee with?

First impressions come in all forms, and in this industry a lot of them start via email. Here’s my do’s & don’ts on putting out your best email first impression:


Boost their ego. The best way to start off your email is mentioning something you like or appreciate about the person you’re contacting.


Only talk about yourself. The quickest way for your respondent to feel used is to only hear you talk about yourself. You shouldn’t do that in person so don’t do it via email.


Separate yourself by talking about what makes your business different. Acknowledge your passions and specialities so your respondent can get a feel for if you’re the right fit.


Mass email. You know what sucks about hearing about a new business? Finding out you contacted every other vendor under the sun too. If you appeal to everyone, you appeal to no one.


Have an action at the end of the email.  What is the final purpose of the email?  Legitimize your intentions by asking to meet up and build a relationship with the vendor.


Let them buy your coffee/tea/drink.  I try to follow the rule that if you’re asking for the meeting, you’re the one paying.  Avoid the awkward payment dance at the till by saying “I’d love to take you for coffee” in your email where your payment implication is very clear.  Or send a quick text or call before they’ve arrived asking them what they’d like to order.  You’ll set a strong tone before they’ve even arrived.

There you have it!  Happy Emailing 🙂


Get what you want in life

Happy Monday Lovelies!

Life has been pretty full over here lately. There’s been a lot of “go gettin'”, which has inspired this blog on getting what you want in life.

I’ve never been one to take no for an answer. Some may call that being stubborn, for the sake of my ego we’re going to call that determination. I’ve grown up being told that you can have anything you want in life. I guess I must’ve just forgotten as on a recent trip to the Oregon Coast I was standing in a Nike store oogling at a store model’s body saying “those legs are the dream.” And my friend Ryan said, “You can have anything you want. You just have to work hard enough.” Duh. It’s so simple, how could I have possibly forgotten that? Somewhere along the way I got lost in comparison and self doubt as so many of us do. I was so busy looking at everyone else’s vision for their life that I forgot my own.

I was stuck in hopes without action and dreams without drive. Well let me tell you… that’s the end of that! I’m excited to be back to “go gettin'” and making things happen.  Here’s my tricks to getting what you want in life:

No more excuses:

Getting what you want leaves no room for excuses. And a lot of the time that means hearing the things you don’t want to. You’re not failing because “people are too cheap for your services” or because “your body just doesn’t lose weight”, it’s you. You’re missing something along the way.  No one is doing everything right and is failing.  That’s not even logical.  No more excuses… do the work to figure out the problem. You can and you will do it.

Believe in yourself:

You’ve got to own your goals. You need to believe in yourself before anyone else does. When you’re setting your goals don’t hope that you can achieve them, know that you will. That confidence exudes in everything you do. Others will start believing in you and conspire to help you succeed.

Play Nice:

Nice guys finish last?  I don’t think so.  My day is a thousand times better when I’m working with genuinely kind people all day.  Be one of those people.  People want to support those that are genuine and deserving of success.  And even better than that, when you put out good vibes, that’s what you get right back.  All of a sudden you’ll be surrounded by all these amazing people that you didn’t even realize you were attracting with that wonderful new attitude.

Write it down:

I’ve been told to write my goals down on paper.  I circulate them in my head a thousand times a day though I’m sure it would be much more effective to have them written down.  All short term goals are written in my day planner weekly and I have plans to put my long term goals in a frame above my desk mixed in with my photo collage.  Might as well make them pretty, right??

Don’t Stop:

Last but not least, don’t stop pushing.  Life happens and sometimes that means putting goals on the back burner, having a cheat day, not living up to your standards, or anything else that feels discouraging.  And that’s okay.  Don’t get down on yourself just get back at it.  No excuses right?

Okay lovelies– go get it!