A Sisterly Engagement

This is an extremely exciting post for me– not only is it my first blog post since my new website has gone up but it’s also a post about two people very near and dear to me!  My sister, Joanne, got engaged to her amazing boyfriend (fiance!), Pat this past Wednesday… yes Wednesday, a strange day for an engagement but just as random and fun as they are.  I knew the engagement was coming, which you would think would make me less emotional about the whole thing but I’m a wedding planner… is it a surprise that I love “love”?  I cried when he told me about 10 days before he proposed, I cried when she screamed “I’M ENGAGED!” over the phone, and after the tears ended came the most important question, “Am I planning the wedding?!” Followed by another phone call to her with the second most important question, “I’m a bridesmaid, right?”  Which was later followed by, “Royce is doing your photography, right?”  Must be nice to have a sister as a wedding planner and her boyfriend as a wedding photographer.  Any takers for my free photography??

I have 2 older sisters and we’re all 1 year apart so it’s about time the engagements started (don’t get any ideas Michelle… I’m next, haha).  It’s a good thing I’ve got Joanne & Pat’s wedding to plan now– I have a feeling Royce was stressing about my bridal fever going on…  Anyways, this new engagement has got my creative wheel turning again and I’m so thrilled.  That winter lull was wearing on me and business is getting busy!

Stay tuned for more posts on all different aspects of weddings & events by Nicole Deanne.  And last but not least, a super huge congrats to my beautiful sister and my future brother-in-law!


Jo & Pat at Kits Beach in Vancouver the weekend before


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