Baby Update

I’m not going to blog about baby stuff often but today marks the first day of my second trimester and I’m feeling pretty excited about it so I thought I’d give a little update!

Due Date: November 28th

Weeks Along: 14!

Weight Gained: 1lb (though I feel like my entire body looks different)

How I’m feeling: Really good.  I’m super tired every Thursday-Friday without fail.  I’m quite certain that baby has decided those are the days it wants to growth spurt.. just in time for wedding weekends…

How the first trimester went: Well… I’m glad it’s over. It was smooth sailing until I hit 6 weeks while in Hawaii and now even the thought of fish and coconut makes my stomach curl.  I had about a million and one food aversions for a solid 5 weeks.  The only thing I could stomach was processed cheese anything… cheese bagels, Kraft dinner, Ritz cheese crackers, you name it.  If it was processed I could stomach it.  Sadly coffee was out for a good 11 weeks, even the smell made me nauseous but that’s over! Hallelujah.

Current cravings: I can’t say I’ve had any.  I was turned off of so many foods for so long that I don’t really want anything in particular. Though sour or zippy foods taste extra good right now.  Cheesy Dill Kernels popcorn and sour keys have been my cheat foods.

Best moment so far: Probably finding out we were pregnant.  We had been trying but given the fact that we both work in the wedding industry, we had a short time frame in mind if it were going to happen this year. If not, we were totally okay with waiting until next Winter/Spring again.  So one morning my impatience for waiting to check took over and Royce said, “just go take it. Then we know.” To which I responded, “It won’t be positive anyhow so I’m just going to get this over with.”  And sure enough, it was a clear “PREGNANT 1-2 WEEKS” that popped up. My hands were literally shaking as I looked at the test, both out of excitement and complete disbelief. I feel like I’d pictured that moment in my head my whole life, not knowing how, or when, or even if, that moment would ever happen since pregnancy is so much more fragile than I ever thought it was.  After about a minute of shock I came out of the bathroom and Royce was grabbing something from the fridge. “Royce…” he didn’t turned around. “Royce…””Yea?” “We’re pregnant.” And then I just started bawling/excited giggling. To which he ran to me hugging me so tightly and practically yelling in my ear, “WHAT?!! No way!! WHAT?!!!!” He must’ve checked the test 5 or 6 times repeating those words over and over.  We’ve had a lot of great moments in the pregnancy since but I don’t think anything could top that day.

What we call the baby: Royce and I have been calling it Baby Bear because we absolutely love bears. And I secretly want a mountain themed nursery that has some sort of “You are our greatest adventure” script on the wall with white tree wall decals and forest themed stuffed animals.  The rest of my family calls the baby, Lentil.  My family was all in Hawaii together when we told them and my phone app told me that our baby was the size of a lentil that week so it’s been Lentil ever since.  Lentil is the size of a peach today.  I think he/she might be a record breaking sized lentil.

Are we going to find out the sex:  No– but I cannot believe how popular this question is! I knew that the first question people ask after you get engaged is, “When’s the date?”  But I didn’t realize the question following a pregnancy announcement is, “Are you going to find out?”  Guys… I feel so new to all of this.  So long story short, no, we’re excited for the surprise.  Royce and I both think it’s a girl but who knows!! 50/50 chance, right?

Stressors/Fears: Before getting pregnant my biggest fear was labour.  Since getting pregnant my biggest stressors and fears have been about keeping the baby alive and healthy.  The list of what you can/can’t eat, how much to eat, how much to gain, how to exercise/how not to exercise, and on and on and on. I never felt so clueless about anything in my life until I got pregnant. I’m sure that clueless feeling continues once the baby comes too… I’m going to live in denial in the meantime.

Praise: I’ve got to praise Royce a little here because he’s been So good. Like amazing.  He must’ve researched for weeks picking out his favourite stroller (he’s super gadgetty so this was actually really fun for him).  I won’t say what we settled on because to be brutally honest I don’t want an opinion on it since we’ve already made up our mind, but we’re excited to order it in fall to say the least! He also made every meal for me for almost 5 weeks when I couldn’t go near the kitchen without dry-heaving.  He packs trail mix in my purse and a water bottle every time I leave the house. He’s taken me maternity clothes shopping three times already and actually helps pick things out.  And he pushed me from my desk most afternoons in my first trimester to force me to nap knowing how exhausted I was.  I married up.

Alright, that’s enough about Lentil for the day.

Below: 1) Day we found out we were pregnant, 2) 7 weeks pregnant in Hawaii, 3) Off to our first ultrasound! 4) Our pregnancy announcement 5) 13 weeks pregnant!
IMG_1553 20150414_Ultrasound Photo-9923



  1. Alexandra says:

    Yes, please keep writing baby blogs 🙂 so exciting! Glad to hear you are doing well. I found the nutrition part overwhelming too! And the stroller was totally the thing I was most excited for, next to baby of course haha.
    If you ever want to chat about pregnancy stuff let me know 🙂

  2. Love love love this post! Please keep writing updates. I am so excited to follow along with the growth of your bump and as you become a mama. It’s truly amazing. Rest when you can… The dishes will always be there. Congrats again xo

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