Being a Good Bridesmaid

Before I start I’d like to note that I’m not writing this blog because I’d like to secretly hint to my own bridal party of what they should be doing, it’s more so because I have such amazing bridesmaids and would like other brides out there to have them too!

Okay here goes.

1.  Be Helpful

This is one of the most exciting times in a girl’s life.  She’s getting married and she asked you to be a part of it.  Not because she wants the help, but because she wants you standing beside her on such an important day.  Helping is something you do because you want to and you want her to enjoy this time.  So please, be excited for her and make it a fun experience.  Even if that means flipping through dozens of wedding magazines, looking at hundreds of pictures on pinterest, and trying on as many bridesmaid dresses as she wants until she finds the right one, whether you like it or not.  Follow the golden rule, treat others as you’d want to be treated (and when it comes to a bride, do that and then some! Happy brides make for a relaxed and fun day for everyone).

Note that the tone in which you talk to a bride makes a huge difference.  Saying “You know ___ still needs to get done” is much different than saying “Do you need help with finishing ___?” or “I found this great bride book with easy lists to follow, have you heard of it?”  As much as you think your bride might be delusional to how much work she has to do, she’s hearing it from everyone including every blog she reads so give her a break.  Offer to help instead of pick at what she hasn’t done yet.

2.  Plan the Shower & Bachelorette

This sounds so obvious, but there are so many brides out there that don’t want to have to ask their bridal party to do this since that completely takes the fun out of it.  If it’s a surprise you don’t have to tell her when it is, but at least give her the heads up that it’s taken care of.  And while we’re on that topic, avoid having her open a lot of lingerie in front of aunts and parents… that’s significantly awkward for everyone.

3. Pack an Emergency Kit

I don’t know how many of you bridesmaids out there want to deal with an emotional, hungry bride but I’m like the guy off the Snickers commercial when I’m hungry… in a horribly scary way.  Brides frequently forget to eat, forget their shoes are new and could cause blisters, forget they’ll cry off the powder on their face, and more.  Wow your bride by packing a bag of snacks, bottled water, bandaids, blister tape, bobby pins, powder, lipgloss, mini hairspray, and a watch or cellphone to keep track of time.

And of course, the obvious ones like be a good listener, offer to meet up to talk wedding things without being asked, and keep negative comments to yourself.  Remember that it is an honour to be a bridesmaid, not a right.

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