Business is like Marriage

During our wedding ceremony, our pastor, Dave Fields talked about love and marriage and how to be a good spouse.  He said, “What if you woke up every day thinking how can I love my spouse today?  What can I do today to make them feel special and feel loved? How amazing would that be?” Truly impactful questions and a message I’ve never forgotten.  Today that got me really thinking.  What if I woke up every day thinking how can I support my clients today? How can I make them feel valued and excited about wedding planning?  How amazing would that be?

I strive to be unique in my business, where I stop looking at what other businesses are doing for their clients and really challenge myself to think outside the box.  I’d spent the last 3 years observing other planners and just following along.  It wasn’t until these past few months that I started changing things up and I’ve seen more growth in the last couple months than in the last 3 years.  In the most humble and frank way to say this… it’s not by coincidence business is growing.  I’m extremely blessed and thankful, but it’s not coincidence.  I’ve completely shifted my focus from how I could make a living as a wedding planner and book more weddings into how I can make my clients excited about planning their wedding.

It’s no hidden secret that good service directly relates to growing business, but there’s more to it.  It’s not enough to be good, you have to create that “oomph”.  The spark that wows your clients and gets them excited about booking you.  Give them reasons to talk about you to other people.  Like when your wife wakes up in the morning after you’ve left for work, and you’ve left a note on the counter and set out everything she needs for breakfast and a morning coffee.  You’ve given her a reason to smile, a reason that made her feel excited she’s married to you and wants to tell you how thoughtful you are.   Strive for that “feel good” moment with your clients!

At a shoot & share meeting with Meg & Scott Courtney (love them!) she talked about her business coach always asks her “why?” It’s so important to look at the why in every aspect of your business.  If you don’t have a good reason for why your contact form is a certain way, why your branding looks the way it does, why your packages offer certain benefits, why you’re priced at a certain level, then how do you expect your clients to see why you’re an obvious fit for them. Put thought into everything you do.  Pure, selfless thought.  When your clients feel cared for and valued, they’ll see the value in your pricing so don’t make income your top priority.

Just as marriage isn’t about you and how you feel and what you want, neither is your business.  And when you stop thinking about what’s in it for you and start thinking about what’s in it for your clients, that’s when you really start to feel satisfaction in your career and most importantly, satisfaction from your clients.



  1. Amy says:

    Congrats on the growing success, Nicole! I love reading your blog although there is currently no marriage prospects in my future. Without observing any other planners, have you found any particular resources that helped change your perspective? I love your use of social media and I was wondering if anything in particular inspires you.

    • Nicole says:

      Thanks Amy! 🙂 I’m inspired primarily with home & restaurant decor. It’s a break from weddings but still design related to get me thinking about wedding possibilities. I also like to look at just stationary or just cakes and build a theme that I think would work around that without looking at a wedding as a whole. Definitely challenging though. Especially when you’re trying to grow social media stats with instagram/pinterest/Facebook and you’re liking and commenting on people’s feeds.

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