Busy is Overrated

Happy New Year! Ah it’s 2015! If that’s not particularly exciting to you, why not? It’s a new year! Anything can happen. And like every year, I can guarantee something unexpected will.

Today’s been a fun day.  Which is kind of weird because it’s 5:30pm and I’m still in lululemon with an inch of cold coffee in the bottom of my mug.  I did shower though so I think that gives me bonus points.  It’s been a fun day because I’ve had literally the entire day to work.  8 full hours and counting at my computer and I’m literally so excited about that.  Royce is in Revelstoke off and on for the majority of the month to shoot heliskiing so that means his 27-inch iMac is now mine and his prime desk spot in front of our huge window looking out at a winter wonderland is mine too.  Eep! Can it get better than that?? Yes. Yes it can.  My mother-in-law gave me coconut coffee for Christmas so I’m on cup numero 3.  Today is a good day.

These past two months have been hugely eye opening so I figured the start of 2015 was the perfect time to blog about it.  The past couple years I’ve been so inspired by everyone around me.  It’s kind of been a cat and mouse game of trying to catch up with all these hugely successful people.  Every year my goals were to gain more, grow more, do more, be more.  I think 2015 has to be the year of ENOUGH. I have seen good friends and wildly successful people completely fall apart.  The people I looked up to the most are all admitting to being overworked, burnt out, and unhappy.  I’ve seen multiple marriages fall apart, businesses shut down, friendships end, passions die, and too many tears over a career that’s supposed to be your own choice.  It’s not just entrepreneurs that experience this but since my life is kind of all encompassed with entrepreneurs it feels as though it’s hitting those the hardest.

This year has to be the year of enough.  I posted on Facebook the other day that I want my year to be full but not busy. I mean that more than you’ll ever know.  Finding a balance has been a priority of mine since I started Created Lovely and though my summers struggle with balance, that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to take since the rest of my year is quite even.  I look at my summers more as “Go Time” than being overworked.  And I’m happy during the entire summer so I don’t think I’m actually delusional about that.  It’s hard to tell yourself, slow down.. let that other crazy go-getter business take this one.  I turned away more weddings than I took this year.  That. gives. me. a. heart. attack. Reality is, I can’t do it all.  And I’m not ready to have a team to do it all.  And so ensues the year of “enough”.

It’d be my dream to have the mentality that when I see someone that’s wildly successful and creative in their business, instead of me longing and wishing to be just like them I said “wow, good for them” and then I chose my own route.  What an amazing community we would be if we stopped playing catch up with everyone and did it our own way.  Maybe then, the pressure for perfection and numbers would end and we would see creatives grow and thrive within their own limits like we’ve never seen before. We’re all different so let’s let different be a good thing and push for that instead of pushing for “busy”.  Busy is overrated anyhow.

Here’s to a full 2015!




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  1. Loved your blog Nicole! . Those of us that truly love “our business” need to remind ourselves that once we step past that “enough” line it’s no longer why we started this journey in the first place.. If our business is only driven by “the bottom line” then it may be time to change our path. Definitely with you on this one! Hope your 2015 is perfectly enough and never busy!

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