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A little ‘like’ goes a long way

A couple weeks ago I saw a really important post on instagram that I can’t for the life of me remember who it was from… but I swear it was important.  It was about supporting friend’s businesses and how much it means when you ‘like’ or share something. So here we go…

Marketing is tough.  It’s my favourite part of business but man alive is it ever hard to be good at not only what your business is focused on, but also manage every other aspect of it all.  I whole heartedly believe that if you want people to know you then you have to:

1) Do great work

2) Deliver the best of the best service

3) Get creative

I think it’s your responsibility to market yourself.  It’s your job to ensure you’re pushing and doing as much as you possibly can to get your name out there and grow your business to whatever capacity you’re aiming for in the most professional and kind way possible. (No gimmicks or phoniness please & thanks.)

But this blog is for the rest of you.  I’d like to ask something of all of you Facebookers/Instagrammers/Tweeters/Followers without businesses.  Give us all a break.  If you respect what you see a friend doing by trying to grow their business, please help them out.  Please give them a like.  Give them a share.  Spread some word of mouth.  Anything.  You have no idea how long of a ways that goes and just how much it’s appreciated.  One ‘like” can lead to many more likes on our pages that day.  One share can mean one new potential client comes our way.

This isn’t about asking for handouts.  This is about acknowledging the work you see people put into their businesses and giving a small part back by saying, “hey, I like and support what you do. And I want to see you continuing to do that *like!*”

Most days I write in depth blogs I get private messages or phone calls from people.  And there just aren’t the words to express how much encouragement that brings me.  So please spread that to others you see working hard at their businesses.  It’s hard work being an entrepreneur and a little ‘like’ goes a long way.




New Service! Okanagan Wedding Styling

Styling has always been one of my favourite parts about my job. Most wedding planners are not stylists but it’s a part of the industry I’m passionate about.  Stylists are “all about the pretty”.  They’re in control of the vision, design, and putting it together to make it look perfect.  A planner is in control of the logistics and planning to ensure a flawless and organized day.  Many planners work on design concepts as well (like I do).  Design can also be handled by rental companies depending on their business.  I think I’m making this complicated…  Moving on.

It’s always been a dream of mine to be a stylist. One of my long term goals is to be hired to do the styling for major photography workshops across Canada and the US (California ideally).  It’s my hope that as my business grows and I gain more experience, not only on my own but from other workshops I’m planning to attend, that I’m able to one day teach my own styling, planning, and business workshops.  So those of you reading this can hold me to it!

Many people don’t know, but Royce (my photographer husband–check out his work! He’s seriously so talented: offers engagement styling by Created Lovely in his photography packages.  We send his lovely brides to get their hair and make-up professionally done and then I’m there during the entire shoot to style it all.  From helping pick out outfits to designing the overall feel of the shoot, I style the session to be a true reflection of their personalities and Royce captures it all beautifully.

Created Lovely will now be offering styled engagement shoots for an exclusive list of other photographers!  Stay tuned for an upcoming styled shoot with Christie Graham Photography and many other extremely talented vendors in early April!

See some of my past shoots below with Royce Sihlis Photography & Rebecca Siewert Photography: 

20140301_Samantha & Arif's Engagement-8766-220140301_Samantha & Arif's Engagement-895520140301_Samantha & Arif's Engagement-898620140301_Samantha & Arif's Engagement-9059-22013-12-11_00022013-12-11_00042013-12-11_00132013-11-26_00122013-11-26_00092013-10-18_00102013-10-18_00112013-10-18_00092013-10-18_0012

Graziano Orchard_1121 

Graziano Orchard_1061


Heart Shaped Goodness

We’re just 1 week away from Valentine’s Day and I’m falling in love with all the heart shaped and love themed goodness on instagram and Pinterest.  Here are some of my favourite Valentine’s Day themed food and drink ideas.

2014-02-07_00022014-02-07_00012014-02-07_00062014-02-07_0007 2014-02-07_0004 2014-02-07_0005 2014-02-07_0003



Let Love Be Genuine

I want to talk about the wedding industry in a way that most people don’t talk about it. I’d like to say that I think being a wedding planner is truly the best job in the world and there is literally nothing that would keep me from living this out as my career, but the industry can be exhausting. Truly exhausting.

Imagine it like this: You walk into your office where there was no filter for who was hired, anyone that wanted to work there started working there, the majority of the people there are extremely independent and like to do things their own way, they may have completely different values or goals than you but you all work in the same office, the gossip in the workplace is out of control, oh and you’re all selected to work on projects together and attend events together or you’ll look bad to your boss.

Essentially, in the most negatively written way possible… that’s the wedding industry. It’s a giant office filled with opinion and criticism. The worst part is, that criticism is all too often put on each other instead of oneself. And that’s where it gets me. We (myself included unfortunately) are the first to point our finger at other people not running their business how we think they should run it, instead of focussing on how to grow our own businesses and give our clients the most amazing service and wedding possible.

The other day my husband (who’s a wedding photographer) had another photographer’s website open of work he didn’t like and he started talking about it and I just snapped. Not because I’ve never done this myself, but because it’s not what I want for our businesses or for us as people. I just can’t take it anymore. If you don’t like someone’s work then don’t look at it. If you don’t actually like what they do, don’t tell them you do. Don’t “like” their photo on Facebook or comment just to have your name seen and look friendly. “Let love be genuine”- Romans 12:9. I will willingly admit that I don’t follow many of my competitors on Facebook because I don’t like that it makes me feel like an ugly person when I get jealous, feel threatened, or critique their work. And I never, ever tell someone I like something if I don’t. That’s not what this industry needs. It doesn’t need more people being fake with each other. Be supportive, and if you can’t be supportive or genuine leave them alone and let them run their business how they choose.

The more we focus on our passions of why we do what we do and how to better serve our clients, the more our businesses will thrive. And when your business thrives, it’s amazing how quickly jealously and criticism begins to fade away.



The day I became a Mrs.

We’ve been married just over two months now so I thought I’d share some previews of our film photography from our second shooter, Rebecca Siewert. We were fortunate enough to have two photographers, a film and a digital photographer (Rhys Albrecht) to capture our day. We also were lucky to have Ryan Bouman Film as our videographer. (More on the video & digital images to come in the near future.)

In the meantime, I really wanted to share Rebecca’s perspective on our wedding day. I loved how she captured so many moments that were so important to us. Though we put a lot of time and consideration into the details (like our matching mountain wedding bands, running the gondola with Royce’s photos on the lift passes, and much more) it’s easy to forget the emotion of the day when all the focus is on the “pretty factor”.

Here’s how Rebecca saw it:

2013-12-06_0050 2013-12-06_0006 2013-12-06_0004 2013-12-06_00082013-12-06_0019 2013-12-06_0007 2013-12-06_0024 2013-12-06_0012 2013-12-06_0020 2013-12-06_0010 2013-12-06_0011 2013-12-06_0009 2013-12-06_00232013-12-06_0031 2013-12-06_0013 2013-12-06_0014 2013-12-06_0015 2013-12-06_0030 2013-12-06_0016 2013-12-06_0037 2013-12-06_0017 2013-12-06_00182013-12-06_0005 2013-12-06_0002 2013-12-06_0001 2013-12-06_0022 2013-12-06_0021 2013-12-06_0027 2013-12-06_0026 2013-12-06_0032 2013-12-06_0035 2013-12-06_0039 2013-12-06_0028 2013-12-06_00432013-12-06_0045 2013-12-06_0044 2013-12-06_0048 2013-12-06_0047 2013-12-06_0040 2013-12-06_0042 2013-12-06_0041

Film Photography: Rebecca Siewert Photography
Digital Photography: Rhys Albrecht Photography
Videography: Ryan Bouman Film
Venue & Catering: Revelstoke Mountain Resort
Florist: Classic Creations Floral Design
Stationary: Modern Invitations & White Ink Designs
Cake: Sweet On You Designer Cups & Cakes
Rentals: Vintage Origami
Pastor: Dave Fields
Bridesmaid Dresses: J Crew
Groomsmen Outfits: Top Man
Bride Gown: Paloma Blanca
Make-up: Bride’s Mom
Hair: Pure Image Salon
Custom Wedding Bands: Garnish
Bridal Party Robes: Plum Pretty Sugar