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3 Quick Tips

It’s a good thing I’m a wedding planner because my heart literally yearns for wedding season.  It’s kind of obsessive.. last night I stayed up until 2am watching Friends on Netflix solely because it was the episode when Pheobe got married to Mike.  Netflix guys… I could’ve just paused and watched in the morning.  Gah I live for warm fuzzy feelings.

Last night I had an awesome friend over for champagne, dessert, and Chinese food (I was supposed to cook but long story short I was stranded at home after over an hour of shovelling and a newly found flat tire… Hong Kong Restaurant to the rescue)… Anyways, we got to talking about weddings since we’re both quite newlywed and our most memorable moments.  Shockingly, we both had very similar good and bad stories from our day.  Now I won’t say who’s mother-in-law showed up in a white gown or who’s brother-in-law got married the week before them with 3 months notice or even who’s Uncle-in-law forgot their name during a speech, but it wasn’t hers.  I will tell you though, that after a few rants and a lot of laughs we both remember our wedding days as being absolutely perfect in every way.

So in short, here’s 3 things I wish every bride would do:

1. Worry Less

Your day is as good as you let it be.  As a wedding planner I strive to give my clients the most flawless day possible but no wedding is flawless.  There’s Always going to be something you dealt with either during the course of your planning or on your wedding day that didn’t go how you envisioned it.  Maybe it’s a cranky in-law, an annoying last minute cancellation, a random new girlfriend as an uninvited guest, a late vendor, family drama, the list goes on and on.  Your day will be as perfect as you let it be.  So you can get mad, embarrassed or stressed, or you can let it all go and soak it all in.  I wouldn’t change a single thing about our wedding day because those are now my stories to tell.  And you’ll have them too. Promise.

2. Eat

Please just eat.  Before, during, and after your wedding.  Stop the “starving yourself to be a beautiful bride” fad.  You’re beautiful and you’ll look beautiful on your wedding day just how you are. Also, planning is much more fun when you’re stressed and you indulge in guilt free wine and a cheeseburger.  (You have my personal guarantee.)

3. Visit

Your wedding day is quick and there’s not enough time in the world to possibly visit with every wedding guest as much as you’d like to or should for how far they’ve come to be there for you.  Finish all of your planning early so on the week of the wedding you’re stress-free enough to visit with family, wine tour (if you’re getting married here), and see guests that have come in early.  I’ve had clients plan open invite beach days, BBQ’s and pool parties just to hang out with guests the days leading up to their wedding.  That way, on your wedding day you can soak in all the time you want with your groom without feeling torn away to see everyone.  Royce and I barely split up on our day and I loved that because we got to share our love and excitement together.  The day was ours, not a day that felt like we were hosting.

I’m telling ya, these really work.  Also, if you’re having a hard time dealing with a wedding issue I probably have a story to top it.





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Yesterday I started training for the Lululemon Seawheeze 1/2 marathon next summer.  I figure now is just as good of time to start as any considering the weather is still perfectly crisp and over my dead body will I be just starting to train when the snow falls.  Brr.

I started out pretty pumped up since I haven’t ran in a really long time.  I used to run 8km about three days a week before I moved from Saskatchewan for university and then that ended as soon as I saw the hills in Kamloops.  This prairie girl is not prepared for that. Anyhow, I decided I’m going to begin training with run a song-walk a song-run a song-walk a song- and so on.  Frick, when did songs become so long?! Thankfully, my husband is training with me and though he looked like the Wii running characters in front of me while I constantly fell behind, he always stopped when I did and had a high-five waiting for me after each song.

I was pretty discouraged though considering I’ve been doing yoga and a full season of wedding planning must count for something right?! Guess not.  It wasn’t long before my discouragement subsided and each wonderfully awful step came with a mental note of, don’t scold yourself for exercising. Step step. I will not scold myself for exercising. Step Step. I will not scold myself for exercising. Step step. I will not scold myself for not being in good enough shape while I’m exercising. Step step. That’s ridiculous.  Step step. 

An hour and 7.2km later we finished run/walking.  Well it’s a start.  Today is yoga day thankfully! But tomorrow means I’m back to running.  I can’t wait to get back to comfortably running 8km without stopping.  And eventually running the half marathon, though I doubt that will be overly “comfortable”.  The point is, it’s a goal and I’m doing it.  And I’m learning one yoga practice and one slow run at a time that it doesn’t matter how you do it, just do it. Get out there and start.

Do you have any goals you’re currently working on? Or any running song suggestions? I’d love to hear them!




Give & Take

I briefly mentioned in yesterday’s blog how much I love business books.  I don’t get to read often so when I do I’m a power reader.  I once brought 7 books on a one week trip and then ran out of ones to read for the flight home… all or nothing right? My favourites though are the New York Times Bestsellers.  They’re always the easiest and most interesting reads.

I’m currently reading a book called Give and Take by Adam Grant and it’s amazing– so good in fact I think everyone should go buy it.  In short, it’s about how there’s three different types of people in this world: the givers, the takers, and the matchers.  It goes on to explain how each of those are different and how their success rates differ widely based on their personalities using real companies as examples.  It sounds a lot drier when I explain it but I swear it will completely change your perspective on networking, business ethics, and corporate social responsibility.

Still not enticed? Yeah I’m not doing a very good job here… Here’s a quote that I highlighted (Yes, I highlight all of my books and it works wonders.  I highly (pun intended) recommend it!).

“If we create networks with the sole intention of getting something, we won’t succeed. We can’t pursue the benefits of networks; the benefits ensue from investments in meaningful activities and relationships.” -Wayne Baker

When I was in university I can’t tell you how many times I was told, “it’s not what you know it’s who you know” and “network, network, network.”  We have it ingrained in our systems to meet more people, get more referrals, make more connections.  I think there’s a very right and a very wrong way of doing this.  This book taps into that, along with many different ways to give wholeheartedly knowing you’ll receive nothing in return.

Sales pitch: You can get this book at your local Chapters and Indigo Store for only $18.00.  Buy it today.




You are Valuable

I’ve had such an amazing summer but I’m so excited to see wedding season winding down because that means that I’ve had moments to get back to reading business books (one of my favourite parts of being an entrepreneur) and I’m back to blogging! Yay!

I spend a ton of my time thinking about business and business growth. I’ve been beyond fortunate to have an inbox of inquiries this year and in that time I’ve really struggled debating what direction my business should go. Each year I tell myself to be patient and see where I’m at the following year. For those of you that know me, it may shock you that I’m patient with business growth considering I’m the world’s most impatient person. (If you’re not multi-tasking while cooking dinner in my house get outta the kitchen… Royce has learned that one the hard way.) Anyways…, I have this fear of weddings to take on and not to take on in fear of missing out on “the good ones”.

I’ve struggled with whether or not to bring on additional planners to Created Lovely. I’ve played with the idea of bringing on one or two assistants to just do Day-of Coordination so I can take on the larger contracts. I’ve played with the idea of a minimum budget spend. To be honest I’ve found myself in a real moral dilemma with business growth and this is what I’ve decided.

“A good wedding” in my books is not defined by the size of the budget. “A good wedding” is not defined by my clients career or status. “A good wedding” is not defined by which vendors my clients have booked. And lastly “a good wedding” is not defined by the likeliness of the wedding being featured.

I want to plan weddings that are so much more than budgets and status. I want to plan experiences; wedding days where clients are able to take every incredible moment in because they have nothing to stress about. I want to work with clients that understand the importance of marriage and accept it wholeheartedly. To me, that is a good wedding.

Financially, this has meant removing day-of coordination from my list of services, but it allows me to be fully present with each and every one of my clients.  This means hiring Created Lovely assistants to be at my weddings with me, not instead of me.  This means shifting my mentality of valuing money to valuing people. And this means a greater experience for each and every one of my amazing clients.  I don’t think this is the right decision for all planning businesses but I know in my heart this is the right one for Created Lovely.

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.,” and fall has just arrived!




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I just wanted to take a quick minute to say thank-you.  I received a handwritten note from Karla at Written Word Calligraphy the other day that read,”Thank-you for believing in me” and it really pulled at my heart strings.  What a genuinely kind note to receive from someone.  Soon after another vendor said to me, “you’ve really boomed in the last year hey?” To which I responded, “Oh? Yeah I think I just got lucky but thanks!”  Where what I really should have said was, “It’s solely because I’ve been so blessed to work with such amazing people that have believed in me and helped me get to where I am.” That’s how I really feel. That’s what I meant but so horribly conveyed.

I think sometimes we forget to thank people for not only the referrals and social media “likes” and shares, but for the little ways in which they help grow our dreams into reality.

I just want to say that you reading this right now makes me thankful.  The little notes and messages I receive make me thankful.  The kind words you speak behind my back that I may never hear make me thankful.  You matter to me and I am so grateful.

Thank-you for believing in me.