Choosing Your Colours

In order to start designing what you want your wedding decor to look like you’re going to need to decide on your wedding colours.  With such a huge range of colours out there don’t limit yourself to the typical purple or green wedding palette.  Don’t get me wrong, I love purple and green but don’t feel inspirationally stuck on it if it’s not for you.

Here’s some tips to finding your customized wedding palette:

1.  Go into your and your fiance’s closet and look at the colours you wear most.  By looking in your closet it is easy to visually identify your style and what suits both of you the most.  For instance, I wear a lot of aquas and pastels and my boyfriend loves rich and vibrant colours.  If we were to put our colour palette together we would use neutral tones with pops of colour in the flowers, ties, invites, and decor accents.

If you’re looking in your closet and thinking “Oh crap… I wear so much black and tan” then you’re just like my middle sister.  Consider using blacks, greys and slates, and soft purple accents.  This looks really classic and elegant.

2.  When choosing your colours you should avoid using more than two vibrant colours and one neutral.  Any more than two vibrant colours will be difficult to work with and won’t flow as well as putting in a neutral.  Note: it’s okay to use one colour in multiple shades.

Consider the following:

– Pink, Purple & Gold

– Yellow & Grey

– Navy, Pink & Orange

– Coral & Aqua


3.  When flipping through bridal magazines or Pinterest pay attention to the colours that really draw you in.  Tab or clip out the pages that you love right off the bat and make a pinboard at home for them.  Bringing these pictures to consultations with your planner, rental place, or florist will help them get a stronger feel for your style and make it easier for them to make suggestions and designs for you.

Make sure that whatever colours you choose they suit you and your fiance and are a reflection of your personality.

Happy Choosing!


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