Committed to Me

I made it through January!  One month of eating gluten-free and my first month of hot yoga 3 days a week.  Not going to lie, I’m feeling pretty darn great.  My arms are surprisingly fit and I lost 2lbs! Can’t complain there.  I seriously can’t believe what yoga has done for me mentally and physically.  I have lumbar spine instability (basically I can’t sit or stand for prolonged periods of time or my lower back is in an excruciating amount of pain) and yoga has literally been the best and cheapest physical therapy.  And my mind, I still seriously struggle with not thinking about weddings throughout my entire practice but I’m getting better.  That’s got to count for something.

Last night I signed up for my 1 year membership at Kelowna Moksha Yoga… so I think I’ve bought my right to call myself a Yogi now.  Nicole Sihlis- wedding planner and amateur yogi.  Sounds like Yogi Bear.  I love yoga, bears, and most of all picnics so I think this new title is going to work swimmingly.

Moving on.  This month brings on new commitments of it’s own.  Royce and I have finally started going back to church.  It’s been a shameful 6 months of living in Kelowna and not dedicating the time each Sunday to go.  Though I pray daily, it’s kind of like being in university and studying from home all the time but never actually going to class.  You’re missing out on a crucial opportunity to learn and question the material.  And to meet new people!  We’ve started going to The House and it’s amazing!  All young adults, coffee shop, hanging bulb lights, rustic wood walls, like hello.  This place was made for me.

I kind of feel like I’m in a weird unintentional monthly version of Eat, Pray, Love.  Next month marks Royce and I’s 4 year anniversary since we started dating.  And I can already feel the need for us to find down time together coming.  This week has been 3 twelve hour work days in a row and with over 15 meetings, 4 trips, 3 engagement sessions, and daily emails and blogging I don’t see us finding much dating time this month.  If you have any ideas for quick and easy dates I’d love to hear them!

Looking forward to a new month of new commitments and more yogi… yogi-ing… down dog.





  1. Colleen Pastoor says:

    This is so timely for me! I’ve promised myself if I can run consistently 3x a week for a couple months I can get a hot yoga pass to help with my back. Glad to hear it’s helped you!

    As for dates? We’ve been doing date night ins a lot… I put together a date night table topics you could try!

    • Nicole says:

      That’s so awesome. Yeah, I honestly think yoga works wonders for sore backs. There’s a couple poses I can’t do without getting sore but it gets better every time! And oooh date night table topics? That sounds fun!

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