Confessions of a Wedding Planner: Part 2

Back by popular demand… more confessions!

1. I don’t understand when a bride doesn’t want a cake.  Who doesn’t love cake?!

2. I love candles. They totally transform a space.

3. The more personality your wedding has the better. I want it to be “so you”.

4. I hate butterflies.  They’re colourful moths.

5. One day I’d like to have my own wedding blog (this one doesn’t count).

6. I love working from home because it means I get to sleep in (somewhat), work late, and wear lulu alllll day.

7. I write every consultation down by hand even though I have an iPad and laptop and will type it out right after.

8. Social media consumes my life in a very annoying way. (I secretly love it but still. It’s annoying.)

9. I wish I got paid to create styled shoots every week. They’re my fave.

10. I say I love vintage things but nothing in my condo is vintage.  I don’t think I like vintage that much.

11. I want a house with a wood wall and a white kitchen with a breakfast nook so bad that it’s my only incentive to save for buying our first home.

12. I’m dying to be a mom.  My baby fever is out of control.  And then I remember wedding season is coming and I’m magically healed.

13. I used to feel bad about wanting to plan $50,000+ weddings and then I saw just how happy you can make people and the power of an incredible wedding.  Everyone deserves that moment.  Whether it’s $10,000 or $100,000 a couple deserves their perfect wedding.

14. I grew up Catholic but now I’m Christian.  Best perk?  You can have an outdoor ceremony!!

15. I love bears.  Real ones.  Significantly more than the average person.

16. I’m dying to plan a true Southern wedding. Sweet tea, accents, and all.

17. My biggest influences in the wedding world are Lara Casey, Abby Larson, and Mindy Rice.

18. If I was magically given $5,000 I would be off to the Bliss & Bespoke workshop in a heartbeat.  I absolutely love workshops.

19. I love business. Like L.O.V.E. business. I find marketing, branding, goal setting, and the works so fun.

20. I think I married a true gem.  Royce might be one of the best husbands in the whole world.

I’m off to Sparkling Hill Resort for the next two nights with that gem of mine.  We decided to forgo presents this year for some good ol’ spoiled rotten quality time together.  If you need me I’ll be at the spa!


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