Creating Your Dream Job

Feeling content has always been a struggle for me.  It’s not that I’m ungrateful, because I feel filled to the brim with gratitude for everything I have, but I just feel like I can’t stop pushing.  I have these ideas and goals in my head that circle around to the point where I can’t sleep and I want to cry out of frustration that I haven’t reached them yet.  I’ve always been like that but it wasn’t until I found wedding planning that I begun feeling like those goals were truly happening; that my passion wasn’t just one of those “in my ideal world” thoughts.  Those hopes and dreams were actually being put to good use.

I used to bounce around in multiple jobs at a time. No matter what I did I couldn’t feel “at home” in a job.  I’d like aspects of what I was doing but it was never enough.  I loved serving because it meant talking to new people, multitasking, and the excitement of getting tipped based on how elite my service was that day.  I loved non-profit work because it fuelled a passion in me to contribute to something in a positive and influential way.  I loved sitting on boards and leading groups because I loved the control and power to make things happen.  And no matter what job I was at, I was constantly analyzing my workspace to see how it could be a prettier, more welcoming atmosphere.  But nothing gave me everything I wanted plus the creative design aspect like wedding planning ever has.  *Cue the dinging light bulb.*

I think there’s so many of us out there that want “more” but haven’t discovered what “more” is yet or how to make a living once they’ve found it.  I think there’s so many people that know what they like and don’t like in their job but can’t figure out how to encompass everything they love into one perfect bundle of a career.  I think that’s where people get stuck.  Stuck in a rut because they settle thinking they’re as close as they’re going to get to their dream job and just have to suck up the downfalls of their position.  And that’s truly not the case.  There’s a dream job out there for all of us.

I’ve had to take on and let go of so many aspects of Created Lovely in order to mould it into a career that encompasses who I am and what I love.  I loathe blogging about wedding ideas but business… now that’s something I can get excited about.  I hate doing just day-of coordination, but design, oh man… bring it on.  Industries don’t get to tell us what we’re doing in our business, we get to tell them how we’re going to do it differently. And even better than that, we’re going to be more passionate, more creative, and make a better living by doing so.

I’m excited to be designing my very first workshop called “CREATING YOUR DREAM JOB” for up to 25 university students on Saturday, January 31st from 12pm-4pm.  The cost is $175 per person since I know exactly what it’s like to be a broke student in need of a little push in the right direction.  I created my dream job while I was in university and you can too.  Contact me at to register early.  More details to come!






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