DIY Fabric Banner

So I’ve been eyeing up this fabric banner on Etsy for about a month and my pride couldn’t take me buying it for twice the price of me making it myself. My problem is that I might just be the most impatient person alive and the thought of cutting 100 strips of fabric made me cringe. Regardless, I did it and it turned out pretty good! Here’s how I did it.

*Note* I am not a sewer.  This may be the most time I’ve ever spent with fabric for a DIY project in my life so if I can do it so can you.

1. What You Need

Go to Fabricland and head to the sale or clearance section. I bought 4 colours but ended up only using 3 of them because the darker mint wouldn’t rip and as previously mentioned, I simply do not have the patience for that. Make sure your colours complement each other. I chose 2 neutrals and one bright (gold) since that’s really the rule of thumb for using wedding colours in 3’s.

I bought 1 yard gold, 2 yards pink, and 2 yards pale mint for a total cost of $36. This will make approximately two 6′ banners with strips hanging about 10-11″ long.

I used basic twine to tie the strips to since you really don’t see it anyhow and it goes with the rustic feel of ripped fabric.

2. Progress

Make a small snip in the fabric and tear the rest of the way along the grain.  My strips were approximately 1.5″ wide.  Once I had all the strips, they were long enough to cut in half to make 2 loops per strip. (I’m going to call them loops, but you can refer to them as hangy-things or  fabric-pretty-strips if you like.)

I wanted to use the gold as an accent colour so my pattern was: blue, pink, blue, gold, pink, blue, pink, gold.

3. Final Product

6′ banner = 80 strips.  I’m going to use the remaining fabric to make another one.  In the end, it took about an hour and a half because it was a series of trial and error and saved me just over $75 for the 2 banners!

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