Happy 1st Birthday

A lot can happen in 1 year… especially your very first year of business.  To be brutally honest, I didn’t really think before I started my business, I just kind of did it.  A year ago today, I became certified as a Wedding Coordinator & Consultant with the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada and had just graduated with my diploma in Events & Conventions Management.  I guess I was feeling pretty confident with myself and was a bit overly excited because I bought a website domain and just started running my own business from that day on.

Don’t be fooled though, it has been much harder than it sounds.  I learnt quickly that branding, contracts, and networking are crucial to being successful.  I didn’t know what my niche market was, what my event style was, or how to go about picking your top vendors among hundreds of other things.  Thankfully, I have been so blessed in the last year by so many amazing people that have made being an event coordinator my absolute dream job.  I’m also beyond thankful for my boyfriend/personal photographer/set-up guy/take-down guy/vent-to guy/everything else imaginable who has been there to support and inspire me along the way.

With that being said, my business is 1 year old!  I’m hoping that it avoids the terrible 2′s and grows into the business I’m dreaming it to be.  A few highlights of the year were actually intended for years down the road but happened early!

Getting featured in Style Me Pretty Canada with Royce Sihlis


Getting a contract with our local Hospital Foundation- The Royal Inland Hospital Foundation


Here are some of my goals for the next year:

1. Get featured in a popular wedding blog

2. Learn how to use a DSLR and shoot some of my own event shots (so Royce doesn’t have to follow me everywhere…just lend his equipment)

3. Work on an event/wedding/styled shoot with Sarah’s Sweets, Sweet On You- Designer Cups & Cakes, and Vintage Origami.  This is happening people.

4. Complete another large corporate contract

5. Complete the majority of my business branding

My secret hopes/dreams for the next year:

  • Do the decor design/set-up for a wedding with chevron (I’m counting on you Christina from Paperclip Collective)
  • Have a full out ice-cream theme party
  • Do a wedding in Vancouver or Kelowna

A huge thank-you to every single person that has played a part in my business in the past year.  And an extra special thank-you to Royce Sihlis Photography, Heidi from Heidi & Gray Design Boutique (even though you think you can move and get away with it), Beauty Code Boutique (for always doing such an amazing job and being the first place to share my business cards), Megan from White Ink Designs (for inspiring me with my website design), Yuriko from Vintage Origami (for being one of the kindest people I know and helping pull Royce and I into your fantastic world of creativity), and to all the other vendors I’ve met in the past year that have shared your passion and excitement for the world of weddings &

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