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I can’t pinpoint exactly when my love affair with weddings first began.  Perhaps it started when I was 5, watching Cinderella over and over with my mom until I could almost recite the entire movie word for word.  Or maybe it was when I was 12 when my parents bought me my first Martha Stewart Weddings magazine.  I would sit in my room with my magazine, a binder and a sketchbook and rip out my favourite pages, drawing wedding details I thought would create the perfect wedding.

I grew up in a home where birthdays were always unique celebrations.  I don’t remember a single year we just booked a day at the local pool.  My mom would create scavenger hunts around the house, carefully hiding every clue in an envelope individually named so we all got a turn.  Treat bags were in brown paper bags individually filled with our favourite bulk candy.  Movie themed birthdays had a custom concession counter with monopoly money to purchase our favourite treats.  Presents were opened first thing in the morning with a new outfit to wear for our party. And we always, always ate cake for breakfast.

It was somewhere between the mix of Cinderella, Martha Stewart, and amazing birthdays, my love for wedding planning and design was born.  The finest of details have become my greatest memories. It’s my dream to one day open a Martha Stewart Weddings magazine and see one of my client’s weddings in it.  It’d be like taking my dream life full circle.

My largest joys in life have come from the little things.  Morning coffee with my incredible husband.  Sunset walks by the water.  Dream house hunting on old streets with large character homes.  Handwritten notes.  Cute coffee mugs.  Road tripping–especially near mountains or ocean.  Family traditions.  And ice-cream (but that one’s just a given).

I was so blessed to marry the love of my life in September 2013 on a mountain top in Revelstoke.  We served pitchers of local beer, a burger and poutine bar, and cupcakes.  Guests rode the gondola up to the reception with my husband’s ski photos on all the lift passes.  After a morning of pouring rain, there was a sky so beautiful I’m sure I’ll never see anything so amazing there in my lifetime.  Our best man and former client sang our first dance song. And the night ended with cake, champagne, and ketchup chips in our penthouse suite.

I believe love is in the details and that we create life to be what we want out of it.  This is my life, my business, and my passion– this is Created Lovely.


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