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Our day to day lives are busy. Really busy. But within all that chaos, are the beautiful moments gathered around the dinner table, story time snuggled up in your kids’ bed, or Friday night dinners with your closest friends (and we can’t forget the holidays!).

Nothing but the most beautiful, functional, and approachable spaces will do for your family and friends.

A home that you’re proud of- that feels like the calm to your chaos, no matter what room you’re in. After 11 years designing in a fast paced, luxury wedding industry creating once in a life time memories for clients- I’ve shifted all those skills of project management, service, and design into every day moments. And those start right here.

This is Created Lovely Living.




If COVID has taught us anything it’s been how to order online. That… and it likely gave you a little too much quality time with all the not so pretty parts of your home. We’ve helped turn basement play spaces you avoid, to the ones you cozy up with coffee to watch your kids play. And dated lake house bedrooms into ones that feel like a hotel getaway. A home you love has never been So accessible.

Welcome e-design.
Includes: Initial phone consult, design board with two options, shopping list

2 week time frame from consult to list.



We often ask our friends and family which paint color, rug, tile, to choose. But sometimes it takes a trained eye to tell you which tones, shapes, and textures are going to really elevate our homes. Questions like, “No matter what I add, why does this room still feel off?” or “What type of lamps should be in this space?” We take the guessing and indecisiveness away so that you can make quick and easy decisions you’ll love. All questions welcome.

Virtual • 30 minute minimum
In-Person • 1 hour minimum


Have the words, “I just want an adult bedroom” or “I just wish the kids’ room felt finished?” ever come out of your mouth? Or worse, “Augh! I hate this room!” I get it- I hear it all the time. We can’t have that. You work so hard to have a place to call home.

I work hard for you to ensure that space feels like home. 

Includes: Initial consult, design board, sourcing, and final styling.

Pricing varies per room. 


 “My husband literally just said to me, … worth every penny that designer!” 

– E-design package client

“I’m usually feeling pretty homesick by now and I can honestly say I feel like my room is a hotel room now. I love it so much!”

-Lakehouse Master bedroom renovation

With more info about what you’re looking for and which rooms you are looking at designing.


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