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The Hills House- Kitchen

My biggest project yet has been my own home. It was a total whim, nearly 2 years ago that a house on a quiet cul de sac in the same school catchment we were in and just 2 doors down from our best friends became available. It was on a mountain with an extra big driveway, trailer parking (for wedding & home decor), and a huge garage for all Royce’s projects… it was one we just couldn’t pass up. So in a matter of 7 days we went from seeing it to owning it and becoming landlords of our other property.

Lucky for me, Royce is really handy. Unlucky for both of us, the house needed a lot of work. We hired a contractor to manage the kitchen installation, lighting, and moving of some ductwork, etc. The rest was a lot of grunt work. Here’s how the kitchen has been coming together.


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