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Christmas Styling

I had the opportunity to work a super kind family in a gorgeous home while planning a wedding for their daughter on the property. Ironically, this same property was also previously owned by another wedding client of mine. When they contacted me after the wedding to help them style their house for Christmas, it was a no brainer. I was thrilled to go back and help make their first Christmas is their new fully renovated home and am excited to go back again this holiday season.





Thanksgiving Tradition Inspiration


Thanksgiving weekend is upon us and it’s never too late to do something to make it feel extra special- but better yet, you’re never too late to start new traditions. I love traditions- I feel like they’re what gives us a sense of home. And if we do it right, they’ll be traditions that our family loves so much, they continue to pass them down.

I asked you all on my Instagram if you had any traditions of your own to share, and to my surprise it was actually campfires! Many of you have traditions of going hiking and then having campfires. Maybe it’s the fact that I grew up in Saskatchewan where it wasn’t uncommon to have frost/snow in October (pretty sure every costume my mom ever sewed me was meant to fit over a snow suit) so we didn’t do anything that outdoorsy this time of year.

Nevertheless- you’re never too late to make a holiday special. Here’s some ideas below!

Tradition Ideas for Thanksgiving Weekend:
  • Buying your Halloween pumpkins from a local pumpkin patch
  • A hot dog roast and mulled wine in the backyard/driveway
  • Sunday brunch instead of Thanksgiving dinner
  • Apple crisp baking (you could add to this that you make one for yourself and one for a neighbor or friend and take the kids with you to drop it off)
  • Hot chocolate with roasted marshmallows on a campfire
  • Friendsgiving- a potluck Thanksgiving with friends
  • Appetizers & board games instead of turkey dinner or appetizer night the day before Thanksgiving dinner
  • A walk and foraging your own Thanksgiving centerpiece with the kids (think simple branches, berry branches, or leaves in a vase or pine cones in vases.)
  • Have the kids pick Fall leaves and write each person’s name on them as their place card for dinner
  • Dress up for dinner and play the same soundtrack each year during dinner (to this day I can’t hear Kenny G without knowing it must be time for Christmas dinner because my dad turned on the stereo…)
  • Go together to get bread from your favourite local bakery for French toast or buy pastries and have them for overnight guests in the morning
  • Apple cider and pumpkin decorating/carving
  • My mom makes herself rum & eggnog in a gingerbread martini glass every single Christmas while she cooks. It’s her little tradition with herself and she looks forward to it before she starts the turkey. And I love that. If you like to cook- maybe you have a particular apron, drink, movie, or music that can be a tradition for you while you do it.
  • Go for a drive somewhere new with your favorite holiday drink (pumpkin spiced lattes/apple cider)


If you’re big on gifting- do a basket for the kids that morning. Could include any of the following:
    1. New hair clips/head bands for dinner that night
    2. New dress up clothes (sweater, skirt, pants, etc.) or Halloween jammies
    3. Halloween stickers or crafts
    4. Pumpkin carving tools
    5. Paint and brushes for painting pumpkins
    6. New mugs and hot chocolate fixings
    7. Spooky decorations to decorate one section of the house or their bedroom

Whatever and however much you choose to do this weekend, the only thing that really counts is that you’re fully present for it. If it takes away from you enjoying the holiday- scrap it. And whatever isn’t perfect- let it go.

Have a lovely Thanksgiving Everyone!


The Hills House- Kitchen

My biggest project yet has been my own home. It was a total whim, nearly 2 years ago that a house on a quiet cul de sac in the same school catchment we were in and just 2 doors down from our best friends became available. It was on a mountain with an extra big driveway, trailer parking (for wedding & home decor), and a huge garage for all Royce’s projects… it was one we just couldn’t pass up. So in a matter of 7 days we went from seeing it to owning it and becoming landlords of our other property.

Lucky for me, Royce is really handy. Unlucky for both of us, the house needed a lot of work. We hired a contractor to manage the kitchen installation, lighting, and moving of some ductwork, etc. The rest was a lot of grunt work. Here’s how the kitchen has been coming together.


Lake house Master Bedroom- E Design

Many of my wedding clients also become interior design clients… when you’ve already worked together to design such an important day of someone’s life, it makes perfect sense that that same aesthetic would transfer right into their home.

Que Chelsea. She had a lake house that they were living in for the summer and she wanted it to feel more like home. She has a modern style but wanted it to still feel inviting.

Service: E-Design Package

After a phone consultation, clients are given the achievable design board for their review, followed by a shopping list for the exact items. They’re able to execute design and ordering themselves. In this instance, the client had the ability to do batten and electrical so we based the design off of that. This is how it turned out!

The Craig Reno- Consulting


Scott & Anna reached out to me to assist with their kitchen/main floor renovation. They had a contractor to paint all their existing kitchen cabinets and update trim work and an electrician to install new lighting, but they got stuck when it came to making the 100 decisions that come with a kitchen reno.

Together we selected the following:
– Wall paint
– Upper and lower cabinet paint
– Backsplash and grout color
– New bar stools
– New lighting
– Floor stain

The final project included 3 site visits (before, during, after), a full design board, and an e-list with all the places to source each item!

See the before & afters below!