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I only blog when I’m inspired to do so, so I’m sorry I’ve been a tad MIA.  Today I’m feeling inspired though so woohoo!! Here goes…

I’m sitting in Starbucks right now filling out my Lara Casey Powersheets (google it. order it. start it. best decision you’ll ever make.) and I’m so darn excited!! It’s crazy to me how clear your life goals become when you’re asked specific questions and have to write them down to hold yourself accountable.  Case in point, writing down what fires you up.  What really gets you excited about your life and your goals?  For me, it’s reading business books, booking design contracts, having work featured on blogs & in magazines, “wow-ing” my clients, and being unique in all aspects of my business.  I don’t think I’ve ever written down what gets me excited about my career until today and it was really kind of mind-blowing.

And then I had to write down my vision for my life.  I think many people have a vision of where they’d like to go but I don’t know many that actually write it down into a confined paragraph of what they really hope and dream for (without it being surrounded by money).  Half way through my paragraph I naturally wrote 3 words I want to be known for: creative, loving, and empowering.  When you get that question, “how would people describe you in 3 words,” it’s my dream that those would be the words.  And I really want to hold my self accountable to that.

As I sit here reading this blog post I can hear Royce on the other side of the room in a client meeting for their 2014 wedding, talking about his shooting style and his background in ski photography, I can’t help but smile to myself.  How cool is it to hear your husband living his dream and sounding so happy in his career?!  Ah, this is the life.


P.S.- My month of eating gluten-free is going great, I’m still at hot yoga 3 days a week, and I’ve been reading multiple business books!  Woohoo for goal setting.



  1. Alex says:

    I can totally relate when it comes to blogging when inspired. I actually started a post yesterday after sitting down with my powersheets! I finally felt like I knew which direction I wanted to go with my business as I started setting goals, specific goals. Loved this post so much! Keep on doing what you’re doing – 2014 is going to be so amazing for you!

  2. Heather-Michelle says:

    Did you purchase the Lara Casey Powersheets from the Lara Casey shop? Or do you have another recommendation of where to get them?

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