Mason Jars for the Win

If you’ve seen Pinterest, you’ve seen DIY mason jar projects all over the place, and if you haven’t seen Pinterest… it’s quite possible you’re living in a hole or haven’t explored my website enough (Go back to my homepage and click on the large ‘P’, you’ll thank me later.)  Anyways, I figured that if I’m going to ‘like’ all of these pins, then I should try them out for myself!  Who doesn’t love a procrastination craft night?



1. Find relatively narrow strips of lace.  We (myself & one of my bride’s) found ours at Fabricland for $2.50 a meter.

2. If you’re going to use burlap, you can find it at places like Art Knapp for less than $2.00 a yard.

3. Use either a hot glue gun or spray glue (buy from Michael’s for $6-$7 a can) to stick your lace to your jars.  I used spray glue and it was so quick and easy!

4. You’re done!  So quick and easy and makes for perfect rustic wedding decor.



1. Go to Walmart and buy gold metallic spray paint (costs about $5)

2. If you’re being efficient, buy your mason jars at Walmart.  If you’re a bargain hunter, I bought mine at Zellers for a bigger selection and slightly cheaper prices.  I’ve also found some at Value Village.

3. Spray at least a foot away from the jars and keep them spinning.  I learned the hard way that spraying too close or without turning quick enough looks really ugly once the jars have candles in them.

4. Enjoy your cheap & awesome new vase/candle holder/centerpiece/and more!

DSC010591-1024x681 DSC00893-1024x681

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