Moving Forward

I grew up going to Catholic school in Saskatchewan where I graduated from Holy Cross High School.  Every morning, a devotion was read over the intercom for students to reflect upon and start their day.  One in particular has always stuck with me.  It was my Christian Ethics teacher who told a story about a really frustrating day she was having where nothing was going right.  At one point while cleaning a fish tank all of the rocks had fallen and clogged her sink.  She said out loud to herself, “God, I can’t handle this!” And at that moment all of the rocks were washed away.  The point of the devotion was that God will never give us more than we can handle and only He knows our limits.

Now, at a very busy time in my life where I have multiple contract jobs, a busy wedding season coming up, and Royce and I deciding to make a big move forward for our careers in Kelowna, it is time to trust that we are never alone and will never be given more than we’re capable of.

I’m extremely excited for this wedding season coming up, my workshop with LaFleur Weddings in Santa Barbara, California and our big move to be closer to many talented vendors in the industry.  It’s time to take a deep breath and move forward.



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