My Christmas Favourites

Since it’s almost December and just 28 days until Christmas I thought I’d post a few of my absolute favourite items!!

1. Hot Chocolate

As if any winter would be complete without hot chocolate and marshmallows in a cute to boot mug.  I buy the Rolo hot chocolate from Superstore and it’s the best.  I promise.

2. Mercury Votives

Me oh my, I’m obsessed with mercury votives.  I own over 100 now… good thing I’m a planner or people would think I’m crazy.  These ones are from West Elm (and are on sale right now!) and yes I have them.

3. Cute Pillows

Hello cuteness!  This “Baby It’s Cold Outside” pillow can be found at your local Chapters/Indigo for $39.95.. I know, pricey for a pillow but if you buy 2 the second is 50% off!

4. DIY Wreathes

Yes, please.  I plan to DIY these this week!  My windows need them. Yes need.

5. Stocking & Brown Paper Wrapped Presents

Enough said.

6. Clothes Pin Advent Calendar

This is going on my “Projects to do when I feel like Martha” list.

7. Baskets & Blankets

Much to Royce’s dismay, I bought this amazing wicker blanket basket earlier this summer with wedding gift money and have kept it stocked high in fuzzy blanket coziness in my living room.  You can’t go wrong with this.  (Royce seems to think that you enter a new realm of adulthood when you buy wicker baskets… yeah, new realm of awesome.)


Happy Holiday Prepping!





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