New Year, New Goals

It’s 2014! Woohoo! I’m not much of a partier but I did manage to wear a cute dress and short boots on our flight home last night to attempt to celebrate (major regret… it was -40 in Saskatoon and we had to board the plane outside. Brrrr.).  And we did grab a BeerRita (beer and margarita) in Chili’s in the Calgary airport almost making us late for our connecting flight.  Long story short, I suck at partying but I’m excited for the New Year!

Some of my goals for 2014 include:

1. Eat gluten free for the month of January

2. Go to hot yoga 3 days a week for the entire year

3. Eat lactose free for the month of February (I’m really just trying to find what the heck I’m allergic to.  Pretty sure it’s lactose. I’m sad. I love mac n cheese.)

4. Blog at least twice a week. So far so good.

5. Compare myself less. This one’s a hard one.  I look up to so many people in the wedding industry that it’s difficult not to compare yourself.  But since it brings out so much negativity I’m really working on being proud of those that are successful and focusing more on my own work and style.

6. Read read read.  I love to read.  I’m like my dad.  He can read a book a day.  I once brought 7 books to Dominican and finished them all in 5 days.  Oh ya, I’m boasting.  I’ve been terrible at taking the time to read all the books I’ve been collecting so tomorrow that one starts.  Hopefully 1 book a month!

7. No phones in bed! Such a bad habit that I need to get rid of.

Who says you need to have just one New Year’s resolution?  Hope your New Year is off to a great start!


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