Our Engagement Story

Royce and I had been talking about getting engaged for a while now– which is really no surprise since we both work in the wedding industry and are around them all the time.  He actually bought the ring in August and had been slowly torturing, he thinks teaching me patience, with it for a while now.  However, was I surprised? Very!

I bought pumpkins a couple weeks ago to eventually carve for Halloween so when Royce suggested carving them on Friday night I thought nothing of it.  We were out running errands most of the night and then got stuck watching tv so when 11:30pm came around and he still wanted to carve the pumpkins I was a little surprised but thought it’d be fun.


By the time we finished carving them and watching Food Network, it was already 2am and I was exhausted.  I told Royce I was going to bed and he was adamant that we light it first.  I said no because I didn’t even know where I packed my tealights after wedding season and got ready for bed.  Royce gets excited about stuff like this all the time though so I didn’t suspect anything.  He was running around the house looking for tealights and finally found some.  I got into bed and he came into the room and dragged me to the kitchen and told me to close my eyes.

Who honestly gets this excited to light a pumpkin at 2:30 in the morning?  That’s my Royce though.  So we went outside and on the steps to our place was this:


Royce had carved those pumpkins earlier that afternoon when I was at school and had hid them in his car. It was so dark out I could barely tell he was on one knee with the ring. He then said “Will you marry me?” To which I responded, “Yes, right now? Seriously? Yes!” And I guess he was nervous because then he went into his speech which was broken into random sentences which was actually pretty cute.


So now I’m thrilled to annouce that Royce Sihlis & I are engaged! No, we haven’t set a date but it will be in 2013. Thank-you to all of you for all the love and support we’ve received. I honestly can’t express how great it feels to be surrounded by such amazing people.


Photo Credit: Dani K Johnson (http://danikjohnson.com/)

Hair & Make-Up: Beauty Code Boutique (http://www.beautycode.ca/)

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