Prepping for an Engagement Shoot

This week is super exciting for me as I get to style engagement shoots with 2 of my favourite brides (and grooms)!  The first one is going to be an amazing country shoot and the other is the complete opposite in beautiful Vancouver (which has got my creative wheel turning out of control).  I’m not a photographer, but since my other half is, I thought I’d post about preparing for your engagement shoot.

1. What to Wear

A girl’s most important question, what am I going to wear?  Make sure you match where your shoot is going to take place with what you’re wearing.  For example, don’t wear high heels and a dress if you’re going to be out in the country, or don’t wear green if you’re going to be taking photos in a forest.  Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and put together as your clothes will help you feel more confident in the shoot.  Bright colours are totally fine, just make sure you contrast them with neutrals like jean capris and tan flats or you in a bright colour and your groom in a neutral.  Plan for 2 outfits, potentially 3 if you want one and make them different, like a sundress or skirt and then a nice top and jeans.

For the groom:

Avoid outfits with large logos that will stand out in the photos.  Ask your bride what she’s wearing and try to coincide but not match her perfectly (as my sisters and I said as kids when things matched “same same”).  If you’re in a grassy area, pastels look really nice.  Most importantly though, don’t wear something that you wouldn’t wear in your every day life.  You’ll end up looking and feeling awkward in the photos because it won’t suit you.  Be yourself, just a nice, pulled together, well-groomed version of yourself.

2. Hair & Make-Up

Natural is best.  If you do your make-up a certain way on a regular basis, do it like that for the engagement shoot.  You’ll have more make-up on for your wedding day so it’s nice to have an engagement shoot of you looking stunning but still natural.  If you want to have your make-up done for the shoot, I recommend getting it done with the same artist that is doing your wedding make-up (doubles as a mini-trial!)  You can also go to places like Mac or The Body Shop and get your make-up done for free if you buy a certain amount of product.  For your hair, down or half-up looks the nicest, but whatever suits you best will do!

After doing a few engagement shoots, Royce and I realized how much bride’s stress out about their hair and make-up looking nice so we’ve since incorporated professional hair and make-up appointments into the engagement shoot packages.

3.  Relax & Have Fun

Let’s be honest, we’re not all models, nor do we have the confidence to stand in front of a camera and make up our own poses.  Good thing is, that’s not what a good photographer will get you to do.  Choose a photographer that fits your personality and makes you feel at ease.  Royce and I have learned to talk to our clients through their entire shoot, asking about how they met, where they got engaged, funny stories, etc. which helps everyone to relax and have fun with the shoot!  When in doubt, a photographer will guide you into your poses to make you feel natural while still photographing the most flattering angles.  If you’re still really nervous, pick a photographer with a candid style so you don’t feel awkard in poses and still look beautiful!

4.  Choosing the Best Time

If you’re going to do an outdoor shoot, which 99% of engagement shoots are, you’ll want to book it either earlier or later in the day.  Try to avoid right in the middle so you have the best lighting.  This makes your photographer’s job easier and your photos that much more amazing!

Have fun on your shoot!  Stay tuned for the results of our shoots next week!!

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