It’s a Pretty Life

With a name like Created Lovely, it’s clear I love the pretty things in life.  So as I sit here eating fresh strawberries and sipping hot coffee out of my “I kinda like you a lot” adorable coffee mug, here are 10 ways I put the pretty in my life.

1. Buy fresh flowers for yourself.  Just because.

2. If morning coffee or tea is part of your ritual, go splurge on cute or pretty mugs.  The ceramic Le Creuset mugs from The Bay are some of my favourite sets along with any mug from Chapters.

3. Take the time to get ready.  Most days I put my hair in a bun, wear simple make-up, and wear my glasses.  But every so often I put some music on my phone and take the time to get ready.  It’s amazing how pretty you feel when you take the time to enjoy getting ready.

4. Get cute shoes.  Don’t have the money for a new wardrobe?  Join the club.  Spruce up your outfits with printed flats from Target or Walmart.  Stripped flats, coloured flats, printed flats, you name it.  They’ve got it.  And they last just as long as my expensive pairs.

Style Tip: I like to pair printed flats with jeans, a white shirt, and jewellery.

5. Work out.  I’ve never felt prettier than when I’ve been working out.  It doesn’t matter if I’ve lost weight or see a change in my body, I feel a change in how I look at myself.  So get your butt moving even if it’s just going for a walk.

6. Buy cute cards.  There’s nothing like a handwritten note/letter/card on pretty stationary.  Target has some of the prettiest and cheapest stationary and wrapping.  Go buy some and keep it on a shelf in your office so you always have it on hand.

7. Send small gifts.  It feels so good to give people little gifts that make their day.  When you see something that makes you think of a certain person and it won’t break your bank– get it for them.  Even if you save it up until their birthday.

8. Find your favourite spots.  I pretty much live for any moments near water.  A walk on the beach, a picnic, a bike ride through Stanley Park, you name it.  Find those places that instantly make you feel good and visit them, ideally on a regular basis.

9. Decorate the room you spend the most time in.  Not everyone can afford to revamp every room in their place, but if you spend all your time in your living room then really take the time to make it your own.  Focus on one room at a time until you feel completely at home in your space.

10. Love louder.  Do more to show those you love just how much you love them.



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