It’s been a crazy past 2 months. Seriously, how is it almost March?! I mean I’m excited for wedding season and all but I’d kind of like the chance to prepare for it before it hits me like a tonne of bricks… universe be kind. Slow down a bit. K thanks.

We’re off on our next weekly adventure tomorrow morning. We’re headed to Vancouver for a few exciting meetings and a styled engagement session in Stanley Park (eek!! Can you say Amazing!). And then on Sunday night we fly to The Big Island of Hawaii for a week! Our first hot vacation together ever other than last summer’s workshop in California. But that was a work trip so it doesn’t count. We’re meeting my parents and two sisters there and since my family is one of those weird families that actually gets along and calls each other almost daily, I’m beyond excited to see all of them and spend a week under one roof!

I can’t wait to have a week off to refresh my mind. Believe it or not, us entrepreneurs appear to live the good life of taking vacation days whenever you want, waking up when you want, wearing lulus or pjs almost all day long, but in reality we really don’t stop working. The wheels are always turning and I’m beginning to believe that this thing you people call a “weekend” is nonexistent. 2 consecutive days without work?! Whatttt. No wayyy.

In sum. It’s time for a break! So I’d like to blog simply to say Aloha.

20130801_California Trip-4350


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