Say Yes to the Dress

I said “yes to the dress” this past weekend in Vancouver with my sister, which made me excited to blog about finding the perfect wedding dress.  I want to discuss some misconceptions about the dress hunting experience.

1.  I can’t shop without everyone there

TV can be so misleading about what it’s actually like to shop for your dress.  Unfortunately, TV shows such as “Say Yes to the Dress” make brides believe that when they go dress shopping their mom, sister(s), bridesmaids, etc. should all be there because that’s what everyone’s experience is like.  However, that’s not usually the case and can make bride’s feel like they’re not getting the real bride experience.  More often than not there are bridesmaids and family that live in different cities and not everyone is able to come together for your shopping trip.  And that’s totally okay.  My mom and oldest sister are in Saskatchewan and one of my bridesmaid’s is in Fiji, and that didn’t make it any less special to send pictures of the dress and celebrate that way.  Whether the support is at the appointment or from afar, all that matters is that they’re happy for you and you’re sharing the experience with them in your own way.

2.  Crying means it is “the one”

Wrong.  Crying may just mean you’re emotional, you’re realizing your wedding is actually happening, or you love the dress.  If I bought a dress every time I cried I’d have 3 dresses right now.  Don’t feel like when you’re shopping you won’t know if the dress is the one until you cry.  Some people never cry and some cry at everything (like me for example).  The first time I cried it wasn’t the right dress but it was the first time I felt like a bride after trying on many dresses.  The second time I cried I was in a dress the most like the one I wanted.  And the last time I cried it was when my sister started crying and I knew it was the only dress I wanted to wear when I marry Royce.  Be aware of why you’re crying when you shop so you end up with the right one!

3.  It will be perfect when I lose weight

Oh jeez, that’s the worst reason to buy a dress.  When you buy your dress make sure you feel beautiful and love how you look right when you put it on.  If you lose weight after you bought it then that’s great but do not buy a dress with the expectations that it will look how you want it to after you’ve dieted.  Brides have enough stress while planning a wedding that the last thing you need is pressure to lose weight so your dress looks how you wanted it to.  Chances are you’ll love it even more once you’re toned if you felt beautiful from the start.

Happy dress hunting!


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