Share Reality

I’m a realistic.  I’d love to say I was an optimistic. But truly, I’m a realist down to my core.  I live my life seeing things exactly how they are– though I’ve been told by many I have rose tinted glasses on.  Which is probably true too.

I don’t believe in people pleasing.  I’m far too stubborn for that.  I don’t believe that you can buy happiness.  I love my job even if it means some months it’s a stretch to pay all of our bills.  And I don’t believe in waiting for what you want.  Even if it means our wedding happens in peak wedding season and babies come before we can afford a house.

I think sometimes we become so consumed with how we appear to others that we lose our sense of self and what we truly want.  In my business coaching I’ve been challenged to ask myself “why” a lot.  Why does my website look a certain way?  Why do I offer the planning services I do?  Why am I priced the way I am?  And to be honest, my answers are horrendous.  9/10 of them are because that’s what I thought I should be doing.  Since when is making my business model the same as everyone else’s what I should be doing?  I was so afraid of being different that I became generic.  I don’t want to go through the motions with my business and I definitely don’t want to go through the motions in life.  I want to be real and I want to be honest.  Not just to others, but also to myself.

I want to see more of who people truly are through their real life, blogs, and social media.  I don’t want to see another good photo.  Another good cake. Another nice table setting.  Another pretty bride in a pretty dress.  I want to know the person behind it so I can feel truly inspired by their work and their life.  I want to see reality.

Let’s start being real.




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