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You are normal.

I can’t tell you how many times people have said, “So how crazy are your brides?” or “Share your bridezilla stories with us.” I can honestly say that I don’t get bridezillas (knock on wood). Mothers of the brides and grooms are a different story but that’s a blog for a different day. Moving on… I like to take credit for it and say that if a bride has a planner she’s usually a lot more calm than the rest and has me to deal with her moments of crazy. But in all honesty, brides crying over the little things and stressing about the things that just don’t matter is completely normal. Yes brides, you can share this blog with your fiance and say it came from a professional.

I’ve never worked with a bride that didn’t say “I’m so stressed about this” or “I cried about this the other night”. I really think the key to this though is being able to laugh about it. This past weekend in Vancouver planning my sister’s wedding and my own is a prime example. It’s Friday and we got to her first dress fitting, which also happens to be the same store I got my dress. Naturally, I wanted to try my dress on again (with the go-ahead from my sister) so when Joanne was changing I asked where mine was. Apparently, some bride (note the resentment) bought my dress off the rack. My dress. This was the only store out of about 10 I went to that had this dress and my sister was the only one to have seen me in it, which meant not even my mom would see me in my wedding dress until at least July when it came in. Joanne then put her dress on and the length was much shorter than anticipated leaving room for only a kitten heel, which to a bride that wants heels, they might as well have told her she should wear gumboots. As we left the store, I start bawling in the car. While Joanne is comforting me she starts talking about how she’s really not happy about the length of dress since they assured her when she ordered it’d be fine. By the time we got home, Joanne was now crying too. Here we were, two brides crying about our dresses, which resulted in a lot of wine. While I was talking to her about how great her photography and videography would be, I looked up at her and she said in all seriousness, “I don’t even care, I just want to be skinny.” As I looked at her in astonishment that she really hadn’t heard a word I said for the last five minutes, it was at that very moment we realized just how ridiculous we had become and broke out in uncontrollable laughter.

Come Monday, I picked up my invitations from Jukebox Printers, which I had specifically ordered to be done on the Monday before we drove back to Kamloops so I wouldn’t pay shipping (budget conscious bride I am). The nice front desk lady opened my box of invites where the quality was fantastic but the colour was… orange. Some may call it coral but to a bride that wanted blush pink they were flat out orange. I think I hated that nice front desk lady by then. I got into the car and cried while Royce tried to make me calm down, they were going to fix it after all. I later met Royce’s groomsmen for coffee and laughed about how crazy I was being. It’s paper, honestly, it’s an invite that was getting fixed. Take a breather Nikki.

So, to the bride that’s reading this and saying, “Oh I totally did that” or “Yeah… that’s me”, it’s okay because you are normal. Or maybe you’re just normal in my eyes because it makes my sister and I a little less crazy.