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$15 Dates

Yesterday in the car, Royce turned to me and said “if you could go on any date right now for less than $15 what would you want to do?” Which got me thinking… wellll there’s SO much we could do, depends on what you’re in the mood for!  So that inspired today’s blog post.  10 date ideas for under $15.

1. Surprise Shopper- I did this for a date I planned for my friends one time.  Put $5 in two envelopes and you each take one.  Go into a convenience store and you have to buy what you think the other person would want for themselves.  It’s a fun and cute challenge to see how well your significant other knows you.

2. Coffee Date- Fingers crossed lattes don’t get any more expensive because my current #1 favourite date is a skinny caramel macchiato and a cozy, somewhat quiet coffee shop.

3. Dessert Night- Skip the meal and drinks and go for dessert.  Ever tried the cookie at Milestones?! One word… YUM!

4. Float Night- Drive over to your local grocery store and pick-up vanilla ice-cream, rootbeer, and some fun cups and have a rootbeer float night at home.  Your inner child will love you.  Bonus points if you do this after a day at the beach.

5. Mini Golf- This might break the bank by a buck or two but I love a cute mini golf date.  Minus my insanely competitive nature that the ball never seems to find the darn hole!! I’ll personally be skipping #5.

6. Netflix & Popcorn- Royce and I save money on TV by using our 3 free channels and just paying $8/month for Netflix.  One of my favourite date nights is a new movie on Netflix and buying Kernel’s popcorn seasoning from Walmart/Superstore and making fresh popcorn with a brown paper bag, olive oil, and the microwave.  When we’re feeling rich and fancy we buy the good stuff and season it with truffle oil and grated gruyere cheese.

7. Bananagrams- If you’ve never played Bananagrams you’re missing out.  Go buy it from Target or Chapters, make some nachos at home and sit down and play!  It’s like scrabble without the board and points.

8. Two can Dine- Don’t tell me you don’t love A&W onion rings.  Once in a blue moon Royce and I take coupons we get in the mail and pick up teen burgers and onion rings and eat dinner in bed.  *Note: you will go over budget without the coupons*

9. Sangria Night- The liquor store has a large selection of wine for $10.  All you need is orange juice, 7Up, and some fruit and you’ve got sangria night!  A whole pitcher to be enjoyed on your back patio watching the sunset.

10. Ghost Hunting- I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but it was one of my Favourite things to do on warm summer nights back when I lived in Saskatchewan.  You know how many abandoned towns there are?!  Spooky and terrifyingly fun.  I may or may not own all of the “Ghost Stories of _____” books.  Don’t judge me.

That’s it! 10 date night ideas for under $15!



Let’s talk about stress, baby

Okay, let’s be honest here, no one knows what brides stress about more than a wedding planner.  And holy, do brides ever take stress to a whole new level.  I don’t think I’ve ever cared more about the absolute perfect blush pantone more than when I became a bride.

I really think I could make a small fortune selling books called “Sh*t My Brides Say” over the things they’ve said while under the stress of wedding planning.  My sister apparently ignoring me for over 5 minutes only to say, “I don’t even care, I just want to be skinny”.  Or  another bride telling me she wasn’t stressed about the weather because she buried a sausage in her backyard to keep it from raining.

Over the past 2 seasons, I’ve noticed a common theme over what brides stress about.  Here goes… my list of key stressors:

Stressor #1- Weather

How to decrease stress: Always, always, always have a rain plan.  Don’t hope for the best!  Have spare matching umbrellas that you pick up at Jysk for $5 each (nice black ones with wood handles).  If you’re scared it’s going to be cold, look into getting heaters or have a basket of blankets available if need be.

Stressor #2- Rowdy Groomsmen

How to decrease stress: If you’re concerned your groom/groomsmen are going to be unorganized, late, drinking, etc. on the wedding day, it’s great to give them all a basic schedule at the rehearsal of where they need to be and when the next day.  Have your planner check in on them in the morning to ensure they’re all ready on time.  Also, it’s great to pack snacks along with drinks during photos so your bridal party is eating throughout the day.  That way no one is too tipsy before dinner and no one is cranky and hungry.

Stressor #3- Hair & Make-Up

How to decrease stress: It’s not uncommon to be nervous about how you’re going to look on your wedding day.  I, for one, was a complete nut about my hair.  I literally had my sister on hair duty to ensure it looked good the entire time it was getting done the morning of my wedding.  I recommend only booking a hair and make-up artist you can trust, ensuring you do a trial, and be aware that you get what you pay for.  Don’t spend thousands on the rest of your day and cheap out on yourself.  Everyone’s looking at you and feeling stunning on your wedding day is priceless.

Stressor #4- Crazy Family

How to decrease stress: No matter how crazy you think your family situation is I guarantee that there’s a family with more issues out there than yours (and I’ve probably dealt with them too).  Do your best to not let family issues get in the way of enjoying your wedding.  Get a picture with them anyway.  Smile and pretend that problem doesn’t exist that day because it’s just not worth it.  For one day just let it go.  If family really doesn’t get along, make sure your seating arrangements are planned to a T and give fair warning to your photographer and planner to avoid any awkward situations.

Stressor #5: Pesky Opinions

How to decrease stress: From the second you get engaged you’re going to be getting opinions from all over the place, whether you want them or not.  Stay true to your vision and rely on professionals.  It’s also important that you go with your gut instinct.  Just because someone else loves a different dress, doesn’t mean it’s the one for you.  And maybe Auntie/Grandma/Mom/Sister/Friend/Alien doesn’t like the idea of an outdoor wedding, but you do.  So that’s final.  You have to love your wedding and feel like it’s a reflection of you and your fiance and that’s all that counts.

That’s my top 5 for now.  In the meantime, Stay Calm and Plan On.





In just 4 years

I’m no author, but usually writing comes to me pretty naturally.  This blog post, however, has been deleted and restarted so many times.  I just couldn’t find the words to describe how humbled, amazed, and blessed I feel despite the stress and overwhelming emotions this summer has brought on.  I never would have thought this is where I’d be 4 years after moving.

This summer has been crazy.  Between graduating with my Bachelor’s degree in Tourism Management, 17 weddings between Royce and I, a 1 on 1 workshop with Jill LaFleur in California, moving to Kelowna, my sister’s wedding, my other sister’s best friend passing from a courageous fight with cancer, finding out 4 of my friends are pregnant, a wedding with Ryan Ray Photography (incredible film photographer from Texas featured in every major wedding magazine), a feature in Style Me Pretty Canada, a feature in Adore Magazine, and now our own wedding just 18 days away it is amazing to me how much can fit in just one summer.

Here’s my honest, secret story of how I got there:

4 years ago today, I moved from Saskatoon to Kamloops to get a diploma in Events & Conventions Management. TRU was the only university (not college) with an event management diploma close to home and it’s all I wanted to do with my life so it was really my only choice.  I also have this tendency to make decisions very quickly based on where my heart is pulling me even if I haven’t thought it through entirely (99.9% of the time).  Moving on… my parents always had a way of knowing what my limits were, even when I didn’t.  Before I accepted to TRU my dad said to me, “Nikki, if you go, I hope you know you’re not coming back until your diploma is finished.  You’re not changing your mind.”  “Yeah I know, I won’t!” I said a thousand times…  And then I called home almost every 2 days crying about how homesick I was and how much I hated Kamloops and wanted to come back.  Honestly, I flew home 4 times between September and winter break.  Looking back on it, I was going probably going through depression.  I was barely eating, I slept as soon as I came back from classes, I didn’t talk to anyone since my roommate and I hated each other, I had broke up with my boyfriend, and my best friend from back home said to me while hanging out with my ex, “the world doesn’t stop just because you moved.” It was the hardest and worst 4 months I can remember.  The only thing that was going well was my 3.8 GPA and my love for event management.  It was the night before I was flying back to Kamloops for second semester, bundled up in as much winter clothes as possible (it was Saskatchewan after all) and I was out walking our dog with my dad and crying as usual begging him to let me just come home.  He reminded me about not coming back until I was finished, and said things would get better and that they’d come and visit in second semester.  (My parents sound so mean here, but truly it was out of nothing but love knowing how badly I wanted to be an event planner and they weren’t going to let me give up so easily.)

The next week I flew to Dallas, Texas for a conference with an event management club I joined in school.  A girl in the club and I became friends and she happened to  work as a resident advisor (RA) in the residence I was living in.  She said she’d get me switched into a different quad and help me meet some people.  And she did (my new roommate is now one of my bridesmaids).  Two days after we got back she invited me to come to Thursday’s coffee house night where many residents hung out.  I grabbed a caramel macchiato (still my favourite drink) and went into the RA lounge where another RA was sitting with some friends.  He asked my name, my program, and started firing funny questions at me like a game show host.  He asked if he could have my number to let me know when rez events were on so I could meet some more people.  He then had an event to go photograph so he left, but continued to text me all night.  If you haven’t guessed yet that RA was Royce.  When he came back later that evening, we hung out in one of the lounges talking until 6am.  It was like I had instantly met my best friend.  And I had.

Three months later we were dating, 6 months later he started a photography business, 1 1/2 years later we were living together and I graduated my diploma, 2 years later I started my wedding planning business, 2 1/2 years later we were engaged, and 3 1/2 years later we ended up here…here in this incredible summer that if you had told me 4 years ago this is where I’d be I never would have believed you.

I met Royce over the perfect cup of coffee and in 18 days I get to be his wife.  God is so good.

And no, I never moved back home or called my parents begging to let me come back after that night.