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Plan for the Worst

I had my first meeting as a boss last night.  That’s right, I officially have 2 assistants. What a weird feeling.  I’ve always had an assistant to help me with wedding season but this year felt really official… a legal contract and everything.  Fair to say sh*t’s gettin real. I can now legitimately use the term,”like a boss”. And you betcha I will.  Time for a new scripted coffee mug.  Moving on.

So last night they asked me, “have you ever had anything go wrong at a wedding”.  Oh man, every wedding.  Sometimes really small things and sometimes huge things, but something always goes wrong.  For my client’s blood pressure sake though, let’s switch out the word “wrong” for “different”.  Something always goes differently.  That’s the nature of a wedding day.  9/10 it has to do with the weather as every single wedding of mine either has an outdoor ceremony, outdoor reception, or in my dream wedding world, both.  The other 1/10 of the time it has to do with family drama or forgetfulness. Note, the forgetfulness isn’t on my end though I’ve been known to lose my phone in my own hand.

Past forgotten items include: Pastors suit for a destination wedding (my own actually), groomsmen ties, marriage license, dropping vases off to the florist to prep, bridal party gifts, champagne for the morning of the wedding, umbrellas, etc.  18/19 of my brides are destination weddings so it’s expected on my end that something will be forgotten when they come to the Okanagan before their wedding and pack it all in the car.

As for weather, it’s completely unpredictable.  The best you can do is always plan for the worst and hope for the best.  On a wedding day I was assisting before I started my business the weather was “too nice”.  Yes, too hot, too clear of skies, too perfect.  The bride got heat stroke and a terrible sunburn and missed her entire reception.  I now keep sunscreen and bottled water in my emergency kit and ensure my bridal party has been drinking water all afternoon.  I’ve had the windiest of wedding days, the rainiest of wedding days,  the hottest of wedding days, and the coldest of wedding days.  Here’s how I plan for them:

Hot Day Planning: Have bottled water and a basket of sunscreen at the ceremony, use fan programs, ensure there’s plenty of water for the reception, provide shaded areas for your guests at the ceremony/cocktail hour/reception, rent a tent fan if necessary, buy shakeable icepacks for groomsmen to put on their lower back.

Windy Day Planning: Have all of the girls get their hair put up by the stylist, ensure your tent has walls for all sides, turn your mics and music up for the ceremony, ensure any decor is properly weighted down.

Rainy Day Planning: Have someone designated with umbrellas to assist guests going from their car to the ceremony spot, have enough umbrellas for one per 2-3 guests, have a back-up tent on hold for the ceremony and/or reception, breathe.

Cold Day Planning: Rent propane patio heaters or a tent heater, expect to go through more wine than cocktails, have a coffee/tea/hot chocolate station, provide shawls or a basket/trunk full of pretty blankets, plan to have your bridesmaids in long dresses or matching cardigans.

The most important thing to remember is that whatever goes differently on your wedding day is just part of your story.  It will never ruin your wedding or the significance of what your wedding is all about.  I remember being so stressed about the almost black skies with pouring rain the morning of our wedding and seeing my mother-in-law in a white dress, and you know what?  The skies opened up to the most beautiful sky and my mother-in-law was actually really sweet to me on our day.  If I could take back the stress I felt that morning I would.  Our day was perfect with every flaw– and yours will be too.  I promise.  There is nothing better than getting married to your best friend.  Your wedding is the start of a marriage, something so much bigger than a little rain or heat.

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