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The day I became a Mrs.

We’ve been married just over two months now so I thought I’d share some previews of our film photography from our second shooter, Rebecca Siewert. We were fortunate enough to have two photographers, a film and a digital photographer (Rhys Albrecht) to capture our day. We also were lucky to have Ryan Bouman Film as our videographer. (More on the video & digital images to come in the near future.)

In the meantime, I really wanted to share Rebecca’s perspective on our wedding day. I loved how she captured so many moments that were so important to us. Though we put a lot of time and consideration into the details (like our matching mountain wedding bands, running the gondola with Royce’s photos on the lift passes, and much more) it’s easy to forget the emotion of the day when all the focus is on the “pretty factor”.

Here’s how Rebecca saw it:

2013-12-06_0050 2013-12-06_0006 2013-12-06_0004 2013-12-06_00082013-12-06_0019 2013-12-06_0007 2013-12-06_0024 2013-12-06_0012 2013-12-06_0020 2013-12-06_0010 2013-12-06_0011 2013-12-06_0009 2013-12-06_00232013-12-06_0031 2013-12-06_0013 2013-12-06_0014 2013-12-06_0015 2013-12-06_0030 2013-12-06_0016 2013-12-06_0037 2013-12-06_0017 2013-12-06_00182013-12-06_0005 2013-12-06_0002 2013-12-06_0001 2013-12-06_0022 2013-12-06_0021 2013-12-06_0027 2013-12-06_0026 2013-12-06_0032 2013-12-06_0035 2013-12-06_0039 2013-12-06_0028 2013-12-06_00432013-12-06_0045 2013-12-06_0044 2013-12-06_0048 2013-12-06_0047 2013-12-06_0040 2013-12-06_0042 2013-12-06_0041

Film Photography: Rebecca Siewert Photography
Digital Photography: Rhys Albrecht Photography
Videography: Ryan Bouman Film
Venue & Catering: Revelstoke Mountain Resort
Florist: Classic Creations Floral Design
Stationary: Modern Invitations & White Ink Designs
Cake: Sweet On You Designer Cups & Cakes
Rentals: Vintage Origami
Pastor: Dave Fields
Bridesmaid Dresses: J Crew
Groomsmen Outfits: Top Man
Bride Gown: Paloma Blanca
Make-up: Bride’s Mom
Hair: Pure Image Salon
Custom Wedding Bands: Garnish
Bridal Party Robes: Plum Pretty Sugar

Our Engagement Photo Fashion

It has come to my attention that I was so busy wedding planning and losing my sanity last summer that I never actually posted our engagement photos! Which is really a shame since Rebecca Siewert did such a fantastic job. I put them on my Facebook page and had a couple people ask how I chose what to wear.

This is a few tips on how I decided:

Royce is significantly more casual than I am. He’s a ski photographer in the winter so I really feel that speaks for itself. Naturally, he wanted to wear a t-shirt and jeans to the shoot while I wanted to wear a dress and wedges.  After about half an hour of fighting about how I was apparently “over-dressed” and making him look bad, I changed into something that would suit him better.

To avoid being boring and too matchy-matchy, I wore a jean jacket instead of jean pants to look a bit more casual and then wore printed pants in the same sorbet colour palette of his shirt.  The trick is to compliment each other without wearing the exact some colour.  I dressed my outfit up with gold bangles from Stella & Dot, earrings, and a pretty pair of flats.  You might also notice I avoided wearing a watch since you don’t want to distract from your new bling!  I did my own hair and make-up but I recommend getting it done by a professional.  Our shoot was last minute based on the weather so that just wasn’t an option unfortunately!

If you take anything away from this post, remember that when you dress for any shoot make sure you feel like yourself.  If you want to love your photos, you want to be able to see your and your fiance’s true personalities in them.  While we went more casual for our outfits to make Royce feel more comfortable, we kept them pretty and romantic to suit me too.  Here’s how they turned out!

2013-11-27_0019 2013-11-27_0018 2013-11-27_0017 2013-11-27_0016 2013-11-27_0014 2013-11-27_0013 2013-11-27_0012 2013-11-27_0011 2013-11-27_0010 2013-11-27_0009 2013-11-27_0008 2013-11-27_0015 2013-11-27_0007

Confessions of a Wedding Planner

1. I won’t watch your entire father daughter dance because I can’t help from crying.

2. I secretly love watching people take phone pictures of a reception space I designed.

3. Though I’m not judging, whatsoever… I sometimes think my brides have moments that are borderline crazy. But I love them anyway.

4. I really hate when a wedding guest moves something I set-up and had meticulously placed there on purpose.

5. I love jam favours because it means my breakfast is going to be amazing for a solid month.

6. I love when the groom cries.

7. I don’t like when my bride’s want super short ceremonies.  Your ceremony is the entire purpose of your wedding and they can be so beautiful.

8. I cringe when a bride doesn’t like flowers.

9. I hate the garter toss. It’s so awkward.

10. I’ve never had a client I didn’t love.  Not kidding.

11. Fake candles are the devil’s work.

12. Whoever told you to buy fake flowers instead of getting a florist isn’t your friend.

13. A wedding without stationary is like a wedding without cake. And that’s a sad wedding.

14. I 100% believe that being a wedding planner is the best job in the world, 99.9% of the time.

15. I hate chai lattes. Not wedding related but I really just don’t like them.

16. When you tell me you have an idea and it’s straight from Pinterest what I really want to say is, “Pinning something on Pinterest does not make it your idea. It makes it someone else’s that you like.” Not the same.

17. I love receiving hand written notes from brides. Totally makes my day.

18. I love outdoor weddings.  More than the most extravagant hotel wedding in the world.

19. Rustic doesn’t go out of style. Mason jars and burlap are not the definition of rustic people. There’s so much more to it!

20. I think that people that say they don’t want to get married are lying. Marriage is one of the best things that can happen to you.


Photo: Rebecca Siewert Photography (Royce & I’s wedding)