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Not a matter of “if” but “when”

It’s become more and more apparent to me lately how happy and fortunate I am.  I know it’s such an odd and arrogant thing to say but it’s true.  My life isn’t perfect but I’m so grateful for it.  You know how many people I know that go to work and don’t love what they do? I can’t even fathom that.  I honestly can’t imagine getting up every day to go to a job that I didn’t like.  Royce and I have been so fortunate to find each other because we both dreamt of creating our own dream job and pushed each other to do it.  I know for a fact I wouldn’t have started my own wedding planning business so early on had I not been inspired by Royce dropping out of university to start his own photography business.  Yes, it’s been extremely hard. And I can’t even tell you how much strain it has put on our relationship financially, emotionally, and physically.  But I get to watch him get excited about what he does and I get to see his business grow each year.  My sister at our wedding said, “Nikki, Royce’s success is your greatest joy.”  And it honestly is.  If you have a friend/spouse/fiance/family member with a dream job in mind please encourage them to do it.  Nothing and I truly mean nothing compares to the feeling of waking up and getting to work your dream job every day.

I think the most important thing that we’ve done when it comes to our businesses is looking at it as not a matter of “if” we’d reach our goals as much as it was a matter of “when”.  That mentality turned a lot of doubt and fear into a matter of being determined to figure out how to do it.  And on my end, it took my impatience to a whole new level… We’ve never looked at failure as an option and we put pressure on ourselves that if we didn’t make our businesses work then we had no other option.  Which isn’t entirely true since I’m sure we’d figure something out but we don’t want to.  I’d live with so much regret and jealously watching other people live out my dream and that in itself would be even more torture than going to a job I hated.

I’m not saying Royce and I are perfect examples of what it means to succeed since we’re not even on the brink of where we want our businesses to be, but the most important thing is that we’re doing it.  And you can too.  I’m inspired daily by my friends and peers running their own businesses.  My friend, Rebecca, just started The Many Hands Project. My friend, Christina, just bought her own studio for her growing floral business Classic Creations Floral Design.  My friend, Anna from Sweet On You is the only cake designer to have two cover photos on Cake Central.  Christie Graham Photography just became a preferred vendor on Once Wed.  All of these people are living out their dreams.  And when you surround yourself with people like that you’re bound to push yourself harder too.