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Taking a Breather

A wedding day is so packed with events that it seems that it just flys by.  Regardless of the fact that you probably didn’t sleep much and were wide awake as of 6am, it’s the longest and fastest day ever.

In the whirlwind of getting ready to getting to the ceremony to photos with your photographer, I think it’s really important to consider which moments deserve the time to take a breath and let it all sink in.  Think about which moments you want to be private and which are to be shared with others.

I had 5 bridesmaids, my mom, 3 nieces, my soon to be sister-in-law, two photographers, and a videographer all in the room as I finished getting into my dress. My dad was about to see me for the first time and I took a breath and turned to everyone and asked if I could just share this moment with my immediate family and my photographers.  It was a moment that would have been completely different had everyone else been in the room and I’m so thankful I did that.  It was one of my favourite memories from our wedding day.

On my sister’s wedding night, everyone had left her hotel room, my other sister had gone to bed, and I stayed up with her for 2 hours just talking (and rehearsing her vows since she chose to memorize them).  And on the night before my wedding, she did the same for me.  We stayed up just relaxing and talking– knowing we should be sleeping but chose to embrace the moment anyhow.

Another wedding I was working, the mom came into the room just as I was talking to the bride alone in her wedding dress and her mom gave her a pin that was her late grandmothers.  As they both started to cry, I stepped out of the room and closed the door and let them have that moment.  No photographers, just them.

Whether you choose to have the photographer and videographer present for that moment is entirely up to you, but don’t be in such a rush that you forget about them.  The quiet moments might be some of your favourites from the entire day.

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