The Royal Inland Hospital Foundation

The RIHF Spring Gala

About 7 months ago I found out I had got the bid to do the decor design for the 2nd Annual Royal Inland Hospital Foundation Gala.  You can imagine how much my anticipation and nerves grew between those 7 months and May 12th when the gala actually took place.  I’ve done corporate events in the past but none of this size; not to mention the added pressure of doing it for a Hospital Foundation (one of my most passionate causes).  Thankfully, the event went off without a hitch and I even was able to enjoy the evening with Heidi from Heidi & Gray Design Boutique.

Here’s how it turned

MG_55051 MG_54141 MG_54331s MG_54371 MG_54331

Special thanks to the following Kamloops vendors:

Rogers Rentals-

Heidi from Heidi & Gray Design Boutique-

Bloom Florist & Event Design-

Lee’s Music-

Royce Sihlis Photography-

Magical Moments Rentals-

Thank-you to my amazing volunteers:

Christein, Heidi, Royce, and Emily!

Lastly, thank-you to the Royal Inland Hospital Foundation for the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing event and important cause in our community.

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