Created Lovely began in 2010 but it really feels like it started long before that. It’s been a long awaited extension of my heart to own a company that allows me to express my love for timeless romance and beautiful spaces. I’m a minimalist by nature… unless we’re talking about flowers or coffee mugs! I’m an extrovert and rarely get through a conversation without talking about business. I love coffee, not because of how it tastes but because of the places and people I get to enjoy it with. I love the ocean, perhaps because I grew up in Saskatchewan without one, or maybe it’s those beautiful pastel sunsets over the water. I love character homes and rustic shops that find that balance of modern and classically beautiful. I believe there’s no greater gift you can give people than your time– a balance I strive to create with my business and personal life. And when I’m not working (well… even when I am) you can find me with my husband, Royce Sihlis, who just happens to be one talented wedding & commercial ski photographer. We didn’t meet in the industry, though fate would have it that a wedding planner and photographer were destined to meet over a university coffee house night. This is my life, my created lovely life.





My adoration for love and all things romantic first came to me at a young age through classic literature. I was in high school when an English teacher made the class read Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice and while everyone else rolled their eyes at the story, I was in the back of the class completely enchanted by it. There was something so compelling and authentic about each of the novel’s love affairs that really resonated with me, even at a young age. The most perfect translation of any love story is your wedding, celebrating a day that truly embodies the life you share today and will share for years to come.


Each summer Created Lovely Events hires creative, detail-oriented, and hardworking staff to assist on wedding day décor set-up and teardown. With their help, every beautiful design comes to life.

To apply for a set-up & teardown assistant position please contact