Wedding Day Forget-Me-Nots.

There are many things to remember on your wedding day, but this list is a definite must!

1.  Water

I know a bride that missed her entire wedding reception because she ended up with heat stroke from not drinking enough water along with not wearing sun screen.  If there is anything not to forget on your wedding day, it’s bottled water.  Assign one of your bridesmaids to put water in the freezer the night before and pack on the day of the wedding to pass to you throughout the day.  No matter how much water I seem to bring for my bridal parties they always drink it up!

2.  Breakfast/Lunch Trays

There are so many details to worry about on your wedding day that the bride and groom often forget to plan their meals for their bridal party.  Since you will be with them all day it is expected that you will have some sort of food arranged for them.  Whether it’s having a family member/friend assigned to do a Timmy’s run/drop off or a pre-ordered Subway tray, please don’t forget to feed yourself and your bridal party!  Food in bellies makes for a happy bridal party and a calm bride.

3. Gift Storage

Don’t forget to assign someone to watch and pack up the gift table at the end of the night!  With you and your groom trying to make an exit you’re not going to want to be hauling out all your gifts as you leave.  Whether it’s a family member or your bridal party, have a vehicle with enough space to store your gifts and bring them to an assigned location.

4. Payments

It is really awkward for a vendor to have to come up to the bride/groom on their wedding day and ask to be paid.  Assign one of your parents to carry your payments and make sure they’re all handed out by the end of the night.  Inform your vendors ahead of time who will be giving them their payment so they don’t come up to you that evening asking.

5. Post-Ceremony Music

If you do not have a DJ at your ceremony you may have forgotten to play music after you’re pronounced husband and wife.  Typically, couples play a more upbeat aisle exit song and continue that vibe while people are mingling post-ceremony.  Songs I have played after a ceremony include Michael Buble- Baby (You’ve Got What It Takes) and Colbie Caillat- I Do.  Upbeat music creates a celebratory atmosphere that carries on into your reception.  A definite must-do!

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