When Emotions Run High

Well, it’s Day 2 of pajamas, tea drinking, and my laptop… I’m really hoping this cold goes away soon because I can legitimately say I do not have the time to be sick.  I have, however, managed to take the time to relax, which has inspired this next blog post on weddings and emotions.  Maybe it’s the cold medicine speaking but everyone just needs to mellow out a bit.  I was speaking to my sister last night and said, “weddings bring out all types of emotions,” to which she responded, “I’ve recently learned that.”  If you’re feeling like you’re excited one moment, then stressed, angry, or hurt the next, I can tell you that you’re no different than any other of the brides that I’ve worked with.  As a bride, you’re transitioning into one of the biggest milestones of your life and that’s not going to happen without emotions.  Here are a few tips to deal with that:

1. “You’ll know as soon as we know.”

Did you stop and count how many times people asked you when your wedding date is, where you’re getting married, who your bridesmaids are, and on and on?  Though these questions are just coming out of people’s genuine interest to join in the excitement of your wedding, they can be stressful and irritating and maybe make you feel like you’re falling behind on planning.  Don’t worry, those decisions will be made soon and just tell the lovely peanut gallery, “You’ll know as soon as we know.”  It’s a kind but firm way of telling people you haven’t decided yet but they will be included.

2.  Don’t Assume

It’s easy to get caught up in a blame game.  It is you and your fiance’s time for the spotlight, but that doesn’t mean that your wedding isn’t an emotional experience for others around you.  That grouchy bridesmaid, maybe she has big things happening in her life that she’s holding back to keep the focus on you or maybe it’s hard to watch her bestfriend get married.  Bitter mom or mother-in-law?  Maybe it’s hard for her to see her little girl grow up or for her to watch her son begin to make all his life decisions with another woman in his life.  I’ve even been in the situation where my client’s siblings and parents have been mad that they hired a planner because they feel like their opinion doesn’t matter anymore (couldn’t be further from the truth).  Whatever the situation may be, don’t assume you know why the person on the other side is acting or feeling the way they do.

3.  Focus

When all is said and done, you’ve married the love of your life.  Don’t lose sight of what happens after your wedding day.  Throughout your planning remember to include your fiance’s opinion, ask what aspects of the wedding mean the most to him, show him narrowed down options to choose from, and take the time to enjoy your engagement.  It will be your wedding day before you know it!

Whatever you do, keep your emotions within a 3 and a 7 according to Kristen Bell.  Kristen & Sloth

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