Why Robes Rock

I was in the midst of a pretty in depth blog about why I became a wedding planner and then I thought… you know what?  I love robes.  And I think people should know why.  So here goes my completely random rant on why every bridal party should wear robes.

1. Reason #1- Photography

When you look at getting ready photos on blogs and magazines 99.9% of those photos are of all the girls in matching robes or outfits.  So when you convince your fiance that it’s an absolute necessity that you add on those extra photography hours even though you’re already way over budget and promised you’d stop doing that but really had your fingers crossed, then it’s important that you look at Why you love those getting ready photos.  Because everyone looks so cute! Robes are also great for photographers because even if your make-up isn’t done yet and your photographer is in a rush for time, he/she can take pictures of you from behind or the side that will still look really pretty. Also, you know how many times Royce has walked into the rooms with girls getting ready and they are all half naked… for my sake can you wear a robe?

2. Reason #2- Gifts

Robes are the perfect gift for your bridesmaids because their moderately priced ($45-$85), can be paired with you paying for their hair or make-up or another small gift (jewellery, lipgloss, or a clutch), and ensure that all of your girls will be dressed appropriately in the morning for photos.

I ordered mine online (floral robes in photos below) from Plum Pretty Sugar and absolutely loved them.  My bridesmaids looked so cute! I put them in custom canvas bags from Wedding Chicks and included their earrings and a lipgloss. The bags doubled as purses for the day to carry a second pair of shoes, make-up, and some snacks.

Many other brides order from Victoria Secret or Etsy!

3. Reason #3- Cuteness Factor

So you already bought your bridesmaid gift and you aren’t paying for getting ready photos, I still think you need them.  I’ve never met a bridal party that didn’t love getting up in the morning and having robes to put on to make the morning feel that much more exciting and special.  It’s all a part of it and I really think you need to just go buy them.

2013-10-31_0019 2013-10-31_0018 2013-10-31_0002 2013-10-31_0020 View More: http://roycesihlisphotography.pass.us/joannepatwedding View More: http://roycesihlisphotography.pass.us/joannepatweddingView More: http://roycesihlisphotography.pass.us/kristajoshwedding

P.S. If you read my blog from last week, tonight is Happy Camper night, which means Royce is baking cookies with me!  Since it’s Halloween we’re making monster cookies.  You know the kind with smarties?  He’ll be a baker in no time.  And I might even wear my robe.

Happy Halloween!!



  1. Amy says:

    Too funny! Saw your wedding pics on Facebook today and was thinking of how absolutely gorgeous they were. Went on the Plum Pretty Sugar website wondering if I can order one for myself without feeling guilty even though I’m not getting married haha. I love them!

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